11 Free Birth Affirmations

One thing that I've been doing lately is getting together what I need for when I go into labor and head to the hospital. We are just 3 weeks away... I can hardly believe it!

We are incredibly excited to become parents to a little girl at the end of the month, but I know that labor and the birthing process will be something entirely new and potentially difficult to handle for me. My Doula and the midwife at the hospital told me that you never really know what to expect when giving birth because each body and baby are different. So, in addition to the reading I've been doing and the handful of videos I've watched the only thing left to do was write up some encouragement that I can read back to my self as I'm lying in the hospital bed. 

I've been reading The Mama Natural: Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth by Genevieve Howland. My Doula sent me a few affirmations to use, and I also jotted down a couple from my pregnancy book. Finding something that can be an encouragement throughout the process gives me some peace as I await the big day. 

If you're pregnant as well or you're going to be in the delivery room with a loved one as they give birth, creating your own list of affirmations can be really helpful! You can do a quick internet search and create a list yourself, or feel free to snag these ones that I've created as little cards that you can print out.

If you have some affirmations you'd like to share with me or other readers, feel free to leave them in the comments below! 


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