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About A Tiny Traveler Blog

Welcome to A Tiny Traveler, a personal blog about our adventures through life and all the things we learn on the way! We love writing about travel, dating + marriage, lifestyle posts, and sharing our favorite products + businesses!

My name is Natalie Jean and I'm 24 years old. I love Jesus, art, and the season of Christmas. I'm passionate about travel, community, and life's simple little details. (I'm talking flowers, fresh coffee, the way the sun shines through the slit in your curtains, how you feel after you catch up with a friend, twinkle lights, rain on your window, the smell of pine; you know...the good stuff.) In January of 2018 my husband Mark joined the blogging world by contributing videos, writing, and photos to A Tiny Traveler, making it a team effort!

About us: We got married in September 2015 and we currently live in Harrisburg, Pa. Mark works as the Creative Lead for the PennDel Youth Ministry Network of the AG and I own a small business, Oakmoss Collective. We have a cat named Fern and we live just a few blocks from a farmer's market, coffee shop, and beautiful riverfront park. 


A Tiny Traveler is a place of honesty, transparency, and creativity. We promise to always write from the heart and our life experiences, to be as creative as possible, and to build relationships + community with our readers, as well as work with brands we love and trust.

We hope to inspire and push our readers to be the best version of themselves, all while celebrating life's little victories and adventures together! 

Want to collaborate? Email us! contact@atinytravelerblog.com


- donuts
- coffee dates
- green smoothies
- sunflowers
- concerts + art museums
- beach trips (sun + sand is my jam)
- being outside (preferably in the woods or in the water)
- backyard dinner parties


- good music
- coffee dates
- roadtrips
- playing Monopoly (he always wins!)
- donuts
- MarioKart

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You can also learn more about Natalie's business + join the community here: Oakmoss Collective


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