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How to Tackle a Season of Overwhelm

I found this post in my drafts and started laughing. I created the post and title in 2019 and here we are, the second week of 2021. Little did I know that an entire YEAR of overwhelm awaited me.  Its no secret to any of us, 2020 was bizarre and just... a lot. Think about it - worldwide  we went through something terrible and it flowed into a line of more terrible and bizarre things. It felt like month after month we were slapped in the face with a new problem, change, fear, or uproar. And frankly I think a lot of us needed it. We needed to get ripped from our small little world and face bigger problems and experience empathy and fight for change and justice and just... wake up!  But on the more personal side, the entire year of 2020 really overwhelmed me. It wasn't "the year" that did it to me but more so the feeling of uncertainty that just loomed throughout the whole thing.  I started the year like every other: ready for something new and ready to tackle my goals and

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