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Surprise: We're Expecting!

Recently, I mentioned in the last post all about how Mark and I are expecting a little girl this November. We are so excited! We shared it a few months ago on social media and are going to continue updating there, so be sure to follow . I wanted to share some updates and thoughts/feelings about everything in today's post so if you're curious, feel free to read on.  I suppose I'll share all about the discovery. It sort of happened all-of-a-sudden right after we talked about how, "Sure, if we got pregnant that would be ok. We can probably handle it in this stage of life." Then wouldn't you know, I found out I was a couple of weeks along. God's timing is so funny, sometimes!  When I told Mark, it was on the drive home after Le Camp Retreat  and I had realized I was pretty late for my period so we stopped at a grocery store when we were in Indiana. I was just too anxious/excited to wait until we got back to Pennsylvania, so I took the test at a friend's ho

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