A Detour on Route 66

 A few months ago, Oakmoss Collective led its 3rd Le Camp Retreat in Hurricane, Utah. It was so amazing! I am working on that post and it should be up soon, but for now, I wanted to share a little bit about the cool things we got to see on our trip back to PA from UT. 

Mark and I drove with our friend Matt and while it was quite a long drive ( hours to be exact) we had a fun time! We made stops along the way at places like Horseshoe Bend, part of old Route 66, and some great places for coffee and food. Have you ever been to parts of Route 66? It basically feels like a town stuck in time, waiting for something to come along and bring it to life again. I was all about it. The design of some buildings, the artwork, the vastness of it that seemed to just scream, "keep going! There is so much of the country to see!"

While I put the finishing touches on my Le Camp/Zion National Park posts I wanted to share some snapshots from our road trip. Enjoy!

Are you traveling anywhere soon? Share with me in the comments! I'm so glad we're able to get out and explore again after that terrible year of isolation and lockdown from the pandemic. 

As always, remember to be safe when you're traveling - especially if it's by yourself. Keep washing your hands and be kind to other travelers on the way!


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