Surprise: We're Expecting!

Recently, I mentioned in the last post all about how Mark and I are expecting a little girl this November. We are so excited! We shared it a few months ago on social media and are going to continue updating there, so be sure to follow. I wanted to share some updates and thoughts/feelings about everything in today's post so if you're curious, feel free to read on. 

I suppose I'll share all about the discovery. It sort of happened all-of-a-sudden right after we talked about how, "Sure, if we got pregnant that would be ok. We can probably handle it in this stage of life." Then wouldn't you know, I found out I was a couple of weeks along. God's timing is so funny, sometimes! 

When I told Mark, it was on the drive home after Le Camp Retreat and I had realized I was pretty late for my period so we stopped at a grocery store when we were in Indiana. I was just too anxious/excited to wait until we got back to Pennsylvania, so I took the test at a friend's house! 

Wouldn't you know, it was positive! It was also positive when I got home and took another one and then positive 3 weeks later when I took another test right before my first OBGYN appointment. I triple-checked because I did not want to be wrong. :)

Mark was so excited, and as the weeks went on we tried to think of different baby names and what kind of parents we would be. Knowing that the both of us were on the same page really gave me peace and for the first trimester and most of the second trimester, I was so relaxed and just counting down the days until we got to meet baby Gettis. 

We decided to do the blood test a little earlier than our anatomy scan because we were so curious about the sex of the baby, and it's a girl! We have a name picked out but we aren't sharing publicly until she's here. The last little surprise. 

Currently, I am 33 weeks. The doctors say that she is growing right on track and her scans and heartbeat all look great. We are so, so thankful that things are going well and God is showing her favor. 

After the last year or two, this seems so right. We're starting a new chapter in our marriage and all the pieces seem to be falling into place. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, it can definitely feel a little strange to have so many things "going right." But I don't want to question it. I want to celebrate the little things and turn that joy into something that directs my focus back onto the goodness of God. 

If you're interested, like I mentioned above, you can follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the pregnancy and baby things. You can also check out our little baby registry here if you'd like. 

I also just finished our birthing playlist. It's filled with both soothing songs and songs that mean something to Mark and me. 

Also special thanks to Cara for taking these photos (5 months pregnant) while we were traveling in Oregon over the summer. 


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