Scratching the Travel Itch During COVID-19

If you have social media, watch the news, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper then you know whats going on in the world at the moment; the coronavirus (or COVID-19) outbreak. Its definitely something that has cause for concern and is literally impacting every American in some type of way. One of those ways that its impacting us is the state of emergency we're in. We've all been asked to practice social distancing; staying in our homes, gathering no more than 10 people to a place, only going to grocery stores/the bank/gas stations if we absolutely need to. Malls and retail shops are closed. Restaurants and coffee shops have very limited hours and offer to-go orders only. Some states even have a curfew! This is insane.

I don't want this whole post to be dedicated to the fear and effects of COVID-19, however I want to make some lemonade with these lemons! The government is really encouraging people not to travel during all of this, mostly because they don't want to virus to spread to others. Even if you're not showing symptoms you could be carrying it and then traveling around with those infectious germs and that's not cool.

SO how can you scratch the travel itch when you're essentially on lock-down? Let's explore the options, shall we?

Travel Channel + Movies

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
- Eat, Pray, Love
- Under the Tuscan Sun
- Midnight in Paris
- Amelie
- Wild

Reminisce on Past Travels

I love doing this! Usually its with digital photos and old posts but whenever I've had the chance to print photos, I'll go through them and sometimes get a scrapbook started. It fills me with happy + fond memories as well as gets me excited for future trips! Check out some photos from our recent trips:

Pinterest, Google, Travel Apps

I love looking at where other people have traveled, the tips they share, the pictures they take, and creating travel guide books on apps like TripScout and Locals Lore. Just because you aren't traveling now doesn't mean you can't plan a trip for the future! Get started early!

Start a Youtube Channel

You could always create some videos from past trips or some informational videos about how to travel solo, what foods to try in different states/countries, etc. and share them to youtube. I'm sure with people all being home from school and work these next couple of days you'll have a much larger audience! :)

Go for a walk

If you really need to get outside, walk a few blocks or go for a solo hike. I've heard that some states have a curfew and in some other countries you're literally not allowed to leave your house so please be mindful of those rules. If you are allowed outside however, stretch those legs! I went for two separate walks this week and they completely changed my attitude towards being stuck inside. I got fresh air, stretched my legs, and took a few photos (which I will be sharing on The Finding Co.'s blog).

Overall, don't panic, don't ignore your state and national health guidelines, and don't limit your daydreaming. Be safe, wash your hands, and call your mom :)


  1. I had to cancel my trip to Mexico!!! =( Wish I could go!

  2. These are such fun ideas! I love planning out hypothetical trips when I can't actually travel - like now. It's a fun way to explore and make plans.

  3. I'm already so excited for this madness to be over so I can start traveling again! I love looking at old pictures of past trips I've taken!

  4. Is this when I should be the most grateful that I never have the money to travel anyways? I wouldn't have been going anywhere even if there wasn't a lockdown because of a pandemic. BUT it's still nice to watch travel-related movies or look through travel posts to fuel my wanderlust for once I'm back "out in the wild" haha!

  5. I still have a lot of blog posts to write from my last trip so that helps. And I may finally have time to look into YouTube and making some videos now!


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