Buffalo, NY Travel Guide

Back in August, I went to Buffalo to visit my friend Britney and had such a great time! We hit up several great restaurants, coffee shops, and tourism spots that I can't wait to share with you. The trip started with me picking up my friend Abby in Pittsburgh and then heading up north. We stayed with Brit and her husband in their cute little home just outside of Buffalo and spent a few days seeing the sites and getting the grand tour our their favorite little city!

The first place we ate at was called Bedrock. We actually ended up eating there twice! I got a buffalo tofu sandwich and french fries with their house-made spicy ketchup. We all couldn't stop eating the fries with the ketchup because it was so good!

A few other restaurants we ate at and loved were:
-Remedy House
-Public Espresso + Coffee
-The Grange Community Kitchen
-Chef's (get the spaghetti parm!!)

One of the days we walked around the city of Buffalo and checked out some cool places like an arcade, coffee shops, murals, etc. After we walked around for a bit, we went to the top of the city hall building and could see the whole city. It was really cool!

Throughout the trip we also spent lots of time at Hamburg Beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend you visit late summer for the best sort of weather.

Overall, I think that this is a place we'll visit again and again. Its so fun getting to explore new places and visit friends all in the same trip! Have you ever been to Buffalo, NY? What are some of your favorite spots?


  1. I've actually always wanted to visit Buffalo. I love that there's an option for the beach in New York with the city not too far away. I'm sure there's so much to enjoy!

  2. I am sure you have had a lot of fun. Lovely Pictures.

  3. I honestly haven't heard much about Buffalo at all (then again, I am from Australia), but I most admit that the gorgeous aesthetic of your photos has really intrigued me! If I manage to travel in the future, I'll have to put this interesting place on my "to go" list.

  4. I have never been to Buffalo even though I have a few friends who live up in the area! I would like to check it out someday, though I think I will definitely visit in the summer because I would not want to be there in the winter with all the snow they get!

  5. I am surprised I haven't done much around Buffalo considering we visit Rochester so much! It looks awesome. So much to do there. I love your photos!


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