Things to Do in Beacon, NY

A few weekends ago Mark and I spent a night in Beacon, NY and had such a lovely time! There were so many cute shops and there was so much to do for art lovers and nature lovers alike. I wish we could have stayed one more day because I feel like we didn't get to check everything out. What we did get to see, however, is definitely worth sharing.

So first thing is first. COFFEE! You know that Mark and I like our coffee and coffee roasters when we travel. Finding a new roaster or coffee shop is so much fun when you're in a new town, especially if you have a love for fresh coffee. The hotel room had a keurig (bleh) so we knew we needed to find a place that could get us some good coffee, and that's where Trax came in!

The part of Beacon that we stayed in only had one roaster, Trax Espresso. We ended up visiting twice and it was great! Their atmosphere was very ;aid back and warm and we felt right at home. Locals came for meetings and to get work done and visitors asked questions about the menu and enjoyed their caffeinated treats. Definitely a spot we both loved.

We also visited a few other spots that sold coffee like Bank Square Coffeehouse and Ella's Bellas, as well as some restaurants. Ella's Bellas is the next spot on the list! They are a gluten free bakery that also offers lunch options and some vegan treats as well. Mark got a GF sticky bun and I got a GF vegan chocolate chip coconut muffin. It was insanely delicious.

One thing we weren't expecting was how artsy the town of Beacon is! There are a handful of art galleries, museums, art + music centers, boutiques, and a cultural center. We loved a shop called Artifact. It was filled with handmade jewelry and pottery, as well as organic perfumes and some clothing/home goods. There was also one spot called Loopy Mango, a yarn store that also had workshops for knitters. It was so cute!

We also loved Dia:Beacon, a really cool modern art museum. Keep scrolling to see some really awesome exhibits and photos that we took.

For the finale of this post, let's talk restaurants. There were so many different spots to eat in Beacon. We had dinner at Melzingah Tap house. While a touch overpriced, it was delicious! Other places that have great reviews and are worth checking out are Homespun Foods, Beacon Natural Market, and Isamu. Simply walking around Main Street will give you some great finds as well!


  1. It looks like a great place to visit! My niece recently moved to NYC. I think she would have a great time visiting Beacon.

    1. Its such a great little escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, too!

  2. I haven't heard of Beacon, but it looks like such a cute town! Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. Beacon looks like such a fun place to visit. I haven't even gotten to visit NY at all. I mean, I traveled through as a little girl, but don't remember much, that's for sure haha.


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