Mini NYC Pizza Tour

A few weeks ago, Mark and I went to NYC for the weekend to celebrate his 26th birthday. We had so much fun! Usually when we travel, we try to hit up as many coffee shops as we can to find new roasters and shops we like but this time Mark decided for his birthday he wanted to try as many pizzerias as we could!

It was actually really fun. We tried so many types of crust, toppings, and styles of pizza. There is so much pizza in NYC, so we only were able to try 6 places before we had reached our limit for the weekend! I'll be honest though, out of 6 places we tried, I only really liked 2.

Today, I want to share the places we stopped by, our thoughts and ratings, and what we deemed "the best" on our little NYC Pizza Tour. Unfortunately we forgot to take photos at each stop, so you'll have to just imagine what it looked like ;)

Up first, 99¢ Slice. This stop wasn't originally on our list but Mark was hungry when we got to the city so we made a quick pit stop. Here are our ratings:

Overall: 8/10 "a classic New York slice"
Worth the price? Yes!
Sauce/Cheese/Crust(out of 5): 5/5/4

Cheska's is definitely a stop you'll want to make if you're low-carb or GF. Their crust is all cauliflower crust, which we thought was cool and worth a try! Unfortunately it wasn't really our favorite.
Overall: 5/10
Worth the price? No...a little over priced for our liking ($12 for 1 piece)
Sauce/Cheese/Crust(out of 5): 1/3/3

The Bodega at Arlo Hotel was a lifesaver for late night cravings! We actually really liked being able to walk downstairs and get two slices of crispy, cheesy pizza.
Overall: 7.5/10
Worth the price? Yes, although we had vouchers for a free slice, so we're bias ;)
Sauce/Cheese/Crust(out of 5): 3/5/5

Artichoke Basille's is a stop that many people recommended we make. We are so glad we did because not only did we enjoy the classic slice, but their spinach artichoke slice was incredible! Definitely not what you think of when you're craving pizza, but as a dish itself we loved it.
Overall: 8/10
Worth the prize? Yes, but definitely not a 99¢ slice
Sauce/Cheese/Crust(out of 5) for Artichoke: 4/3/5
Sauce/Cheese/Crust for traditional slice: 2/4/4

Prince Street Pizza is a place that you definitely want to hit if you have time. Their walls are lined with framed photos of celebrities and big names who've made a stop. It was pretty cool! The line however goes down the street. We waited for about 30 minutes in line and then another 5-10 minutes for our order because the pies weren't ready when we ordered. We were also there on a Saturday so that could have had something to do with it!
Overall: 8.5/10
Worth the price? Yes. (Mark also wants me to note that this was his favorite and it was definitely worth the wait!)
Sauce/Cheese/Crust(out of 5): 4/5/5

So there you have it! If you ever have a chance to do a little "pizza tour" of your favorite city, I highly recommend it. Its a lot of fun and a unique way to see your city. 


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