Winter to Spring Transitions

As the season of winter comes to a close, I never really know what to wear while I transition my wardrobe. I'm not really a cardigan person (I have a few but haven't worn them much) so especially on the days when I know it will be more chilly I want something warm enough but not too warm. Anyone else know what I mean? 

These two sweaters are ones that I LOVE and will definitely be perfect additions to my transitional closet. I found them when I had a free trial of Rent the Runway and decided to find ones just like them to keep for myself. 

The first top is a light sweater material, so its warm but not going to make me sweat by the afternoon. I love the colors and bell sleeves because they give me a 70's vibe. I've been loving that style lately and I especially love the hint of sparkle in the orange stripe.

The next sweater that is oh-so-cozy for this time of year (and in the autumn too) is this orange sweater with white stripe detail. The material is not only comfortable and soft, but a little oversized so it leaves room to breathe. 

I love how it pairs with light wash denim and you can either wear it with a light jacket or as is. I've found so many more sweaters and tops like these at places like Target, Forever 21, Old Navy, and Zara! Definitely pieces you'll want in your transitional season.


  1. I LOVE these pieces for an easy transition to spring! Your sweater is so bright and pretty especially for spring! Love this outfit girl!

  2. I'm super in love with oranges. These pieces are beautiful. They especially pop with your beautiful hair color.

    1. Thank you! I typically don't wear orange but lately I've been loving it!

  3. Super cute top! I NEVER know what to wear, and seasonal transitions make it even worse. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love the color of these tops, so pretty on you.


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