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Winter Hair Care Routine

7:30 AM

Hey friends! I'm going to cut right to the chase. If you follow me on social media, then I am sure you've seen me post about me new favorite haircare line. I am obsessed!

My hair has been so smooth and soft and full ever since I switched over to Monat products and I never want to go back. I never thought an at-home system could make my hair feel this good. Seriously! I've been using Monat's Smoothing Deep Shampoo + Conditioner as well as their split end mender, Rejuvabeads, and occasionally doing their Replenish Hair Masque for the last 5 months. my hair has never felt better!

With winter upon us and the harsh wind and very cold temperatures, my hair and scalp tend to get sad. I love winter but my hair does not. Almost every year without fail my scalp gets itchy and my ends start to frizz.

So far, I haven't experienced much frizziness thanks to consistent use of my smoothing deep shampoo and conditioner, but my scalp has been showing signs of dryness. Instead of freaking out or saying "oh well, that happens in the winter," I grabbed some rejuveniqe oil and gave my scalp and tresses a little oil treatment.

So here comes the main point of my post- sharing my winter hair care routine for soft, healthy hair. Consistency in my products is the first step. Don't find something that works for you and then change brands or washing routines only after a few weeks. Your scalp won't know what to do.

Switch it up with the season. Like I mentioned before, my scalp tends to get itchy in the winter and my ends are dry and frizzy. SO keeping that in mind, I use products to target those areas. The Rejuvabeads from Monat not only mend split ends, but prevent them. Hallelujah! In addition I will occasionally use a hair masque or the Rejuveniqe Oil (aka Liquid Gold) to hydrate and nourish my scalp. There are literally 101 uses for this oil. Would I say this oil is life changing? Well... yes. So far I haven't had any dandruff or itchiness and we're already 5 weeks in to the New Year!

Hydrate. Just like your body needs lots of water to function properly and healthily, your hair needs hydration too. Water is so good for your internal needs as well as your external needs like your hair, skin, and nails but sometimes we need a bit more hydration. Monat offers so many freaking products that you never have to worry about a time of year or climate and its affects on your hair again.

I don't mean for this post to basically be a plug for Monat, but friends I am telling you it has improved the health of my hair (as well as my confidence) so much.

If you want to learn more about Monat (including how you can save 15% on your order, get free products, learn about ingredients, etc.) or you'd like some to sample for yourself you should totally join my facebook group. You know I love sharing all my good finds with my blog readers and social media community, and this is no exception.

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  1. Love this post! My hair is super dry at the minute with this very cold weather!

  2. Your hair looks great, Natalie! I have dandruff for the first time - I think it's the dry, cold weather!

  3. During the winter my hair tends to be dryer so I do have to use more conditioner. I'll have to try out Monet.

  4. Love the tips! My hair always feels dry and frizzy during the winter months.