2018 Holiday Deals We're Loving

November 2018 // By Natalie + Mark Gettis

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Our absolute favorite. The Christmas decorations went up last night and today we're really excited to share the first of three Christmas-gifting related posts on A Tiny Traveler Blog.

Today we're talking all about our favorite stocking stuffers, items on sale, and Black Friday deals that have caught our eye and think you'll like too! (None of these are affiliate links, just things we love and want to share with you.)

All Things Cozy:

+ Fuzzy socks! Its no secret that warm feet are happy feet! Target and American Eagle have so many cute pairs to choose from.
+ Slouchy sweatshirts.
+ Blankets, and lots of them.
+ Candles! We might be a bit biased, but we love the candles from Oakmoss Collective. You can use the code BF2018 on Black Friday to save 20%
+ Men's sweater hoodies.

Silly gifts and stocking stuffers:

+ Funny gag gifts (like this Christmas joke toilet paper. LOL!)
+ Pins and patches.
+ Soap! Natalie loves unique bar soap and gets one or two in her stocking every year :)
+ The traditional Gettis stocking stuffers- a new toothbrush, candy cane, a clementine, chocolate coins, a new book, and chapstick.

Beauty + Self Care:

+ Crystal Facial Roller
+ Bubble Bath
+ Face Masks (we love ones that are for relaxation or before bed)
+ Rose Face Mist (YES please)
+ The world's BEST shampoo and conditioner. You've heard about it if you follow Natalie on Instagram, and we both love the results we've been seeing after a few months of using Monat. You DEFINITELY want to make sure to join the Facebook group to snag all the Black Friday deals!

Tech, Games, and Fun:

+ We've had our eye on a few new books (self-help, novels, cookbooks, etc.) and they're going to be 50% off at Target this weekend! 
+ PS4 (Mark's biggest Christmas list item) is on sale for only $199 at Target and Gamestop this whole week! It comes with the new Spiderman game and a controller (compared to the original prices of them all, this is a steal.)
+ Board games that are catching our eye this season are the new Monopoly: Cheaters Edition and the Bob Ross board game.
+ Google Home Mini (which I hear is going to be MEGA cheap this weekend at Target.)


  1. These look like great gifts and deals. Socks are my personal favorite gift to receive and I'm thrilled that my kids finally realize that socks are awesome to get and give!

    1. I love getting socks! I always have because they're so cozy and practical but can also be fun :) Happy Shopping!

  2. Yes to fuzzy socks and blankets!!! Along with candles, those are three things I feel like I can never have enough of!

  3. I would personally LOVE some Christmas joke toilet paper 😂


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