A Golden Engagement Session

October 2018 // By Natalie Jean 

I am so excited for this weekend because I get to photograph Sue and Rick's wedding. These two were totally meant for each other. They both love being outside, riding their motorcycles, and traveling. Sue's love for the seaside and Rick's love for travel are sure to set them up on a very adventurous start of marriage. I loved the location they chose for this session. We went to north-central PA by a gorgeous lake and they shared an afternoon of talking, laughing, and canoeing as the sun set.

When I shot their engagement photos I could just tell that they were meant to be. There is a balance in their relationship. They finished each other's sentences and couldn't stop smiling!


  1. Gosh they’re such cuties! And the session reminded me of the Notebook! From the boats to the big white house. How dreamy!


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