A Two Day Guide to Brooklyn, NY

August 2018 // By Natalie + Mark
A few weeks ago, we visited one of our favorite little places- Brooklyn, NY. We were only there for about 24 hours over the span of two days, so we decided to make a mini travel guide for those who perhaps have never been or can only stay for a short time! 

We stayed in an airbnb in East Williamsburg which was great because it was so close to all the spots we were wanting to visit. We went with another couple, Christian and Abby, because the boys had tickets to seen a recording of How Did This Get Made, a podcast they both really like.

While they were off doing that on Wednesday, the girls went to a few places that we will definitely be visiting again! As you decide where to go, make sure you check your maps to see if its within walking distance or if you'll need to take an Uber or the subway. Travel smart! If you can walk to these places, we recommend it (in the daytime so you don't get lost) because there are so many cool murals everywhere too.

Keep scrolling to see where we shopped, dined, found some entertainment, and filled our bellies with coffee.

The 3 Luigi's - Mark and Christian grabbed a slice here on their way to meet us and said it was great... simple but great!

The Topaz - Abby and Natalie had drinks and some snacks here and both were delicious! It gets busier as the night goes on. Definitely worth checking out!

Carthage Must Be Destroyed - a group favorite! This place is a must-go for brunch. They're a little on the pricey side, but everything was delicious and so fresh... and pink! The owner is from Australia and she was the nicest. She came by our table and chatted for a while about film, food, and living a passionate life. (when you get to the street address you need to go down a little alley/loading area and you'll find it. There isn't any signage, which makes this find even more fun.)

Milk Bar - For a sweet treat, try this place out! We got milkshakes and other little munchies and were not disappointed. You can also order from their bakery here. We wouldn't mind having a slice of their birthday cake. Yum!

Sey Coffee - This place was so cute! We loved the vibes and all the plants everywhere. We got up early on Thursday and walked a few blocks from our AirBnb to get some coffee and it was a good thing we did. The sleepy neighborhood was just coming to life and we got to see a side of Brooklyn that we haven't seen before. We walked through a more industrial are and while not artsy or glamorous, it was cool to see the foundation and basis of hard work that is needed to make a city thrive. We were the first ones at Sey and as we enjoyed our pour overs, we people watched and pointed out all the cute dogs who passed by. Definitely a great place to start the day!

Swallow Cafe - This unique cafe is cash only and was such a cool find. We went to their Bushwick location which sports a really cool mural of a swallow. Its also right down the street from Sey Coffee. Natalie loved their iced coffee special and their selection of pastries and cookies. They also have a few food items that look DELICIOUS on their menu.

Toby's Estate - Before we headed out on Thursday we stopped by Toby's Estate (one of our go-to's). They have several locations but we went to the one in Brooklyn. The style and set up of that location is so neat! Be sure to follow them on instagram if you love coffee.

Le Labo - We only walked by this place but we later looked it up online and we wish we would've gone in! Its a fragrance lab/perfume store with an espresso bar as well. So fun!

Friends NYC - This place is great for vintage finds, art pieces, stationery, and all things feminist and cute! There were so many pieces that could've gone home with us if we had the room. Haha

St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club - This is a favorite. We came here for the first time a few years ago for Valentine's Day and loved it! On this particular trip we saw Alex Simon Gypsy Jazz and it was so fun! Check out this video to get a feel for the music style. The tables are really close together the closer you get to the stage so it gives off a french bistro vibe for sure. The food and drinks are great!

We hope this mini travel guide helps you out if you're in Brooklyn and aren't sure what to do. Do you have any favorites? We'd love to check them out next time we visit the city!


  1. GIRL!!!!! I love Brooklyn!!!!!! I’m from New England so iv spent a lot of time In NY and absolutely love it! All of your photos I was jumping for it to see what you did!!! You look so happy! This was such a great post! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! Brooklyn is such a neat place to visit :)

  2. It looks amazing! I've never been to USA, but would love to visit one day!


    1. If you ever get a chance to visit, I recommend stopping in Brooklyn. You still get a feel for city life but it isn't as chaotic as NYC

  3. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I've never been to Brooklyn, but I would love to visit eventually. This is a great guide for if we do a quick trip there!

  4. This is where I was born. I haven't been to Brooklyn since I was 16 and I am almost 30. We are hoping to take my boys there around Christmas time when they are both a little older to enjoy it.

    1. That would be so fun for them, and you too! I hope you get to visit soon!

  5. Brooklyn is such a cool city. I've always loved the hipster vibes and how they've reclaimed a lot of the tourism from NYC. Plus, there are tons of great coffee shops!

    1. Yes absolutely! Thats one of my favorite things, you can always find good coffee :)

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! That food looks DELICIOUS, and I am certainly intrigued by the place called "Carthage Must Be Destroyed". Very unique!

  7. One day I'll go to Brooklyn! I've always wanted to go to New York! I mostly just want to see the musicals and sing all the songs about New York I know. And yell off the Brooklyn Bridge like in newsies! hahah


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