A June Solstice - Planning a Styled Shoot

July 2018 // By Natalie Jean

A few weeks ago, my friend Courtney asked if I wanted to be a part of a styled shoot that she was having for her floral business Winsome Floral. It was such a creative and fun time!

I decided to snap some photos and get a behind the scenes look for you guys and share some tips that might help you should you ever decide to have a styled shoot of your own.

We called it "A June Solstice" (you can check out the hashtag on instagram for more shots from different participants) and it was the perfect way to welcome in summer. The portion of the shoot that I was in charge of was the food and styling it. I baked a cake and whipped up a charcuterie board, something that I think I might add to my resumé! Haha!

Alright so lets break it down. What do you need for a styled shoot? First things first. You need a vision. Pinterest is perfect for this! Create a board and save color schemes, florals, poses, and the overall feel of the shoot you want to have. When you have a feeling for what you want it will help you find other vendors/creatives to work with who can help your vision come to life.

Next you'll want to find a location. Outside or inside? Decorated or a clean canvas? Large or small? What's your budget? For this shoot we all chipped in for the location that was located in downtown Lancaster. You can find studios and rentals that have reasonable day rates or might even work with you on the collaboration too.

After that, you'll want to figure out who can take photos (I recommend several photographers so you get a few different styles/perspectives), who will do the decor, the florals, the food styling, who will model for you, and who is going to be in charge of wardrobe/hair and makeup? Reach out to local creatives and small businesses and share your vision with them. Let them know how excited and passionate you are about it because that enthusiasm will spread! It may seem like a lot or maybe a bit extra but getting all these details nailed down with the help of your creative community will help your styled shoot be a success!

We made sure that for this shoot we held it earlier in the day when there was plenty of natural light and we wouldn't need to worry about shadows or florescent lights or anything like that. I think this made all the difference!

Overall just make sure you plan and involve others for your shoot and HAVE FUN!


  1. The photos from the styled photo shoot look absolutely gorgeous! I'm gonna save this post somewhere so I can refer back to it in case I ever decide to do a styled shoot.

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a blast if you ever plan a styled shoot :)

  2. Back when I was working as a second shooter, styled shoots were one of my favorite things. All the vendors have the chance to bring their best work and the creativity can be amazing. This one is no different! Your cake and charcuterie board are perfect!

    1. Thank you so much! I had so much fun putting them together :)

  3. I love seeing creativity come to life in a styled shoot! These photos are so beautiful!

  4. I LOVE these photos! I'd love to be part of a styled shoot, it seems like so much fun. Also, your charcuterie board looks so professional!


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