Working Out On The Go: Your Guide to Hotel Room Workouts and More

Today we have another guest post from writer Veronica Bass. So thankful that she was able to help us with a post while we're traveling in SoCal! Can't wait to share about our trip when we get home. Until then, follow Natalie on Instagram for some photos and BTS!

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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, skipping workouts because you’re lacking a gym or equipment to use is not a good enough excuse. Deciding not to workout during a relaxing vacation is understandable but if traveling regularly is a part of your lifestyle, it’s important fitness is incorporated into that schedule.
This guide will help you master a well-rounded routine you can do in a hotel room, at the park, or anywhere you’d like! Start with a quick stretch and focus on loosening your core, legs, shoulders, and arms. The routine includes exercises that work these four key muscle groups, followed by some tips for working out on the go.
Strengthening your abs and lower back will give you better balance and stability in everything else you do. It can also help with posture problems and achy lower back complaints. This equipment-free core workout only takes five exercises to leave you shaking.

  1. Planks: hold a plank three times for 30-second increments
  1. Crunches: three sets of 15 to 30 crunches
  1. Flutter and Bicycle Kicks: two sets of both flutter kicks and bicycle kicks for 30 seconds
  1. Full Sit-ups: three sets of 15 to 30 full sit-ups
  1. Superman: hold Superman three times for 30-second increments
  • Let’s start with the calves by closing one end of the band under a door and grab the other end. Use the wall for balance, stand on one foot and lift up onto your tippy toes, then back down. Up again, and back down. Do this 20 to 30 times on each leg, gauging your own strength. 
  • Next, we’ll dig into the thighs and hip flexors with standing leg extensions. Go ahead and leave your band anchored to the bottom of the door but this time turn your back to it. Slip one ankle into the band, lift your knee to a 90 degree angle, and extend/retract your leg as you resist the band. Do three sets of these in 10 to 15 rep increments.
  • The final leg exercise I’ll cover works the hamstrings. Start with one or two bands in the door jam and lay down on the ground, stomach down. Your feet should be closest to the door but still four to five feet away. Loop one or both feet into resistance bands and do 30 to 40 hamstring curls on each leg. 
  • V-Sit Kick Combo: get into reverse plank position and bend your knees. Life one leg up and point your toe to the ceiling, then put it down and lift the other leg up.  
  • Mountain Climbers: Start in a pushup position, bend one knee and pull your leg forward — not quite between your arms. Then jump and switch legs, bringing the opposing leg forward and sending the first leg back. Jump and switch for 30 to 60 seconds. 

*Adjust set times and rep numbers based on your own strength and endurance.
When it comes to working out on the go, resistance bands will be your best friend. They don’t take up much space in your bag and they can be used for a plethora of workouts to exercise a ton of different muscles. Today we’ll start with a few basic resistance band exercises to strengthen the muscles on both the front and back of your legs. 
If you’re looking to work your legs a little extra, this video has 10 other great leg resistance band exercises you can try.
Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Taking a break from the bands, we’ll move onto some chest, shoulder, and tricep exercises. Start by targeting your chest and triceps with different types of pushups. These can include diamond, wide, incline, decline, pike,  and more! 
You can also engage these sets of muscles by reverse planking. Sit on your bottom, outstretch your legs, and place your palms on the ground on either side of you. Lift up, keeping your legs straight, and hold for 30 second sets. 
Back, Forearms & Biceps
Pull exercises are an important part of muscle toning but first I will touch on a few back and forearm exercises that can be done without the resistance bands. 
We can finish off with a few more resistance band exercises for the biceps. Position your band in the bottom of the door again, grab the other end, and do various curl-ups. You can do these with both hands to start, and single arm curl-ups once you’ve gained strength.
These band exercises are done easiest inside where there are doors and desks you can use to anchor the band. Change up the scenery and try your core and push exercises at a park, then head back to the hotel for your pull and leg band exercises. 
.               .               .
Another good form of portable exercise is yoga. You can lay a towel across the hotel floor if you’re lacking space for a mat in your suitcase. Plus, there are tons of YouTube yoga instructors you can watch on your laptop. Blow it up on the big screen with the hotel HDMI cord, Apple AirPlay, or the TV may even have a YouTube app already installed. 
You can also save space by bringing outfits that can be worn interchangeably as workout clothes, street clothes, and pajamas. The trick is to pack solid colored workout clothes and yoga pants that can be matched easily with a lot of pieces. These clothes usually don’t wrinkle much and can be rolled up tightly for efficient packing. 

Once you’ve habitualized working out on the go, there will be other exercises you add to your routine and unique items on your list of things to bring. I like to have something to reward myself with afterward. Whether it be a movie I’ve been wanting to see or a eucalyptus face mask I saved for the trip, recognizing that I hit my workout outside my normal, daily routine is another little motivational factor that keeps me honest next time.

Veronica Baas is a Colorado native now living in Phoenix, Arizona where she pursues more advanced coding skills. Between managing her puppy, two jobs, and several freelance commitments she can be found at her local coffee shop or somewhere on the mountain. To read more of Veronica's published work, or to see what's in store next, check out her website!


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