Gift Giving Made Simple

May 2018 // By Natalie Jean

Special thanks to SCOUT Bags. Sponsored by BrandBacker, all opinions are my own.
I love giving gifts! Like, love it. So much in fact that its one of my love languages (getting gifts is pretty nice too). This time of year there seems to be tons of reasons for gift giving; Mother's Day, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Father's Day... so many gifts!

It can be a little overwhelming, even for someone like me who enjoys giving gifts. What do I get her? Will he be able to use this more than once? Is this the right option? So many things to consider. With Mother's Day having just passed and both my brother and mother celebrating birthdays next week, I've been feeling the heat to get the best gifts.

I found a really cute sweater for my mom through my friend's clothing business (read more here) and she loved it! For her birthday and my brother's birthday I have a few ideas, and now I just need to get the perfect wrapping paper and gift accessories.

A few weeks ago I shared about SCOUT bags and how they're so versatile and useful when traveling. Well, I had no idea that they had gift bags until recently. I grabbed a couple and they are perfect for gift giving because not only do they come in lots of sizes and patterns, but they are reusable!

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My mom not only loved her Mother's Day gift but was so excited that she could reuse the cute bag for carrying her lunch in. The patterns that I chose for my gifting were Dot Perignon and Chalk Down the Aisle. So cute! 

I highly recommend trying out these gift bags for your next birthday, holiday, or host gift. They are a gift in and of themselves because of their stylish and reusable quality. Super glad that I discovered this company when I did because not only have they saved the day with travel, but by making gift giving simple as well!

Do you have an event or occasion coming up that you need to wrap a gift for? Check out SCOUT not only for gift bags but for great gift ideas as well such as totes, cosmetic bags, home goods, and coolers.


  1. Really cute bags!! I love to give gifts too! And it is even better if it can be wrapped up or bagged up so that it looks pretty too!

    1. I totally agree! And these bags are the best for that :)

  2. Those bags are so adorable! I love giving gifts in cute bags/wrapping paper. :)

  3. I love this! Such cute bags, I love giving gifts too!

  4. Oh I love that! What a great idea!

  5. Oh these bags are SO cute!! I love cute bags! And gifting!!

  6. These bags are AMAZING and i feel like they could be used 1,000 times!

  7. Ooh cute bags! And you could re-use them too which is awesome and something I like to do. Giving gifts is totally my love language too. :)


  8. oooh that's such a great idea!! I know a few people that would LOVE getting a reusable bag as the gift bag! And those are so cute!

  9. These gift bags are beautiful! I love wrapping things in something pretty--it makes the giving so much more special.

  10. I am all about cute bags, and DIY bags!! These are so cute, I love gift giving!


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