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Disconnecting With Goat Yoga

11:38 AM

May 2018 // By Natalie Jean

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Okay guys I am sooooo excited for this post because I get to share about something I did earlier this month that was so much fun! Goat Yoga! Have you ever heard of it? Or maybe you've tried it yourself. Whatever the case, I highly recommend it.

The day started out a little rainy, but that was okay because we met in a barn in Carlisle, PA. (If you want to visit a session you can check them out here or search for other farms/studios in your location as they're nation wide!) We had a few minutes to "ooh" and "aw" over the baby goats and then we began our yoga session. I loved that it was an actual session and I got a good work out on top of it being lots of fun.

Every time that there was a certain pose or an instance where a goat would come up to us we had the option of taking a break and cuddling with the goats and then after the workout we had about 30 minutes to just hang out and pet the goats and take some photos.

I knew it would be a fun experience and I hoped that I would still get to workout (which I did!) but what I didn't expect was how therapeutic it would be. These guys were the sweetest and didn't run away or act aggressively or anything like that (something a friend was worried about). I posted some selfies with the goats below and if you know anything about me you know I love cute baby animals so excuse my cheesin' in these pictures. Haha!  

What a fun experience! I highly recommend it if you love yoga and baby animals. I hope you get to try it out sometime! Not sure where you can try Goat Yoga? Check out their locations and website here.

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  1. Goats and Yoga are definitely two things I never thought I'd see combined with one another. I wonder how that began. The goat in the last picture looks as though he's smiling or laughing.

    1. Its a lot of fun and so relaxing! I'm sure glad that it was created :)

  2. I just heard about goat yoga last week and instantly thought how distracting it would be hahaha I feel like I'd just want to spend my time petting them.

    1. That's what I was worried about, but they designate time at the end for cuddling and they also encourage taking little breaks to pet them or acknowledge them. I think I would be more distracted if they said "don't pay attention to the goats" because then that's all I would focus on. Haha!

  3. This is so funny! There's a place near me doing puppy yoga but I hadn't thought about goats before! I'm in PA too so I bet there are places around here that do it.