Coffee Brewing 101: The Pourover

April 2018 // By Mark Gettis

Hey everyone! Long time, no talk. Life has been very busy for me with work and a huge youth event that we just hosted 2 weeks ago in Hershey, PA. It was such an incredible time and I feel so great after its all said and done. You can check out what we were up to on PennDel Youth's instagram account.

So today I wanted to share one of may favorite ways to make coffee. A few years ago, I really got into third wave coffee culture + the brewing methods and its just become second nature for us at home. We love our Chemex and V60 and to be honest, if we're not using these methods (and maybe our french press) we probably aren't making coffee. We don't even have an electric coffee maker at home because we've just grown so accustomed to these methods.

So, on that note I wanted to share a tutorial on how to make coffee using one of these methods: the V60. What you'll need- a kettle, freshly ground coffee beans (we buy whole bean and then grind the beans right before we brew), a scale that has a timer- we use this one, a V60 pourover, a paper filter for the V60, and a coffee mug.

Heat the water in your kettle (we use an electric one) to just below boiling, about 205 degrees F. When the water is hot enough, you want to grind your beans. The closer you grind the beans to your brewing time, the fresher the taste! At home if I'm making coffee for Natalie and I, I'll do a ratio of 40g of beans to 600g of water. 

So, measure out your beans (you can figure out how much water you'll need by multiplying 15 to however many grams of coffee you're using) and then grind them. A good cup of coffee is about 20 grams of beans. Example: 15 x 20g of coffee = 300g of water

When the water is hot, pour a little into the filter with your cup underneath. This will not only warm your vessel but wash the paper taste from the filter. Not everyone starts this way, but we like to! Start with your scale at zero with the jar or mug you'll be brewing into, the V60 and V60 filter, and your ground beans. Make sure your scale is at zero!

Next, pour about 60g of water into the beans to saturate them. Start your timer for 30 seconds. After, begin to slowly pour the water evenly over the grounds until the scale reaches 600g (or whatever your end goal is). Usually you have to do it in increments as to not overflow the V60. When you've reached 600g of brewed coffee, let the filter drip until just about all of it is filtered through. Then move it to the sink or another empty cup to let the rest drip out (you can dispose of the used filter when its cooled.)

When you have finished brewing the coffee, pour it into your mugs (if you're making coffee for more than one person make sure that you brew into a large enough vessel). I drink my coffee black and Natalie adds sugar in the raw and half + half.

However you take your coffee just be sure to enjoy it while its fresh!


  1. I never knew you could brew coffee this way! Then again, I don't ever brew coffee in any way! I feel like I just gained some smarts :)

    1. You should try! It truly make a difference in taste and it is so good!

  2. Yum! Yum! Yum! I have an electric one like that as well and it is the best for pour overs!

  3. Oooo... Yum! I definitely love a good pour over! <3


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