Traveling With Pets

March 2018 // By Natalie Jean

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When we first got our cat, one thing I didn't think about was how tricky it can be to travel with her. Dogs use the bathroom outside so you just need to stop and let them do their business. They usually sit still or at least in the back seat during a drive. They eat out of your hand and are pretty cool with whatever. Cats however are a different story!

Cats require a little more attention when traveling. When you travel with a cat you need to make sure you're being extra attentive and that you cover all the bases.

Sometimes when we travel and will be away for longer than two or three days, we take our sweet little Fern with us! Up until recently, we used an old hand-me-down carrying cage for her and it seemed to do just fine. Well, the more we use it the more we see how the handle is loose and its probably no fun for her to travel in something that smells like my mother-in-law's cats. We needed a new way to travel with her.

Let's start with the basics of traveling with a cat. You'll need to remember 3 different things when traveling in the car.

1. Be sure to pack food, toys, treats, fresh litter, and a clean litter box (in appropriate bags) for your destination. You want to make sure that your cat has some familiar items when you reach your destination. Also, bring a little extra water to give your cat when you reach a rest stop if you've been traveling a while.

2. Your cat should be good to travel in a sturdy carrier for at the most six hours. One thing that you want to make sure of is that your carrier is secure, so buckle the carrier in! We wear seatbelts so why not our pets? We love Fern's new carry case from Pet Magasin. Its sturdy and so easy to carry and she loves being able to look out the little mesh windows.

3. Bring your pet's tags and make sure they're wearing them when you travel just in case anything were to go wrong. Don't let your cat out of the carrier while your vehicle is moving or the doors/windows are open. That's just asking for trouble!

When we first traveled with Fern, Mark wanted to let her out of the carrier because she kept crying so we did and at first it was so cute and she was so cuddly and curious BUT THEN she climbed under the brake pedal. NO. So immediately we had to maneuver some type of way to put her back in her carrier without getting into an accident. Please don't let your cat (or any pet) wander around in the front portion of your car while you are driving. Accidents can happen.

Making sure that your cat feels safe and is safe are crucial. That's why we really like the new carrier we got for her from Pet Magasin. Its also TSA approved should we ever choose to fly with her!

What about you? What furry friend do you like to travel with? Any funny stories or advice from the last time you went on a road trip with your pet?


  1. I have never traveled with my cat but we will be traveling with our dog this summer so these tips are still useful for our Willow pup. How does your cat do traveling? Is she an indoors cat mostly? Ours like to be outdoors too so i'm afraid he would run away if we took him on a road trip with us.

    1. She is completely an indoors cat because we live in the city. But when there is an open door or window she always wants to peek out. Haha! She travels well for about 2 hours but then she gets antsy.

  2. I wish my dogs could fit in that! My youngest floofball vomits the whole time in the car! But the older guy loves road trips!

  3. I've always wondered what to do when the time comes to travel with my cat! Great advice :)

  4. Great tips!! We don't have cats, but we have a dog and prepping him for a road trip takes just as much work as prepping our 9 month old haha our dog has anxiety, so for us it's important to maker sure he gets breaks regularly and healthy treats that won't make him nauseous as well.

    1. Aw poor thing! Yeah, making sure that each pet is cared for to what they specifically need is important!

  5. These are great for flying! My dog has a similar one!


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