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February 2018 // By Natalie Jean

Things to Do In Waco, TX (Besides Magnolia Market)
In the fall, my mom and her friend Abby and I all went to Waco, TX for a few days. Our main goal was to visit The Silos (owned by Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines). We also stumbled upon a few great restaurants, coffee shops, and stores that I wanted to share with you as well if you ever find yourself in Waco and The Silos just aren't your scene, or you want to do a little more than visit Magnolia Market.

Coffee Shops/Cafes

Common Grounds - There is both a location at the Silos and a free standing shop that serve delicious coffee! I highly recommend trying the iced cowboy coffee. Its AMAZING!

Dichotomy Coffee + Spirits - We visited here twice, once for morning coffee and another time for evening snacks and drinks. Its such a cute space! Stranger Things Season 2 came out the week before our trip, so when we were visiting they had a themed menu and it was so cool.

Brû - We didn't have time to stop here, but it seemed to be a hot spot for Waco locals. Definitely worth a try!

Oh My Juice! - Before we headed back to the airport we stopped here where they serve delicious juice, small bites, and smoothie bowls!! We had an amazing conversation with the woman working there. Her parents were in a season of Fixer Upper and had their home redone by Chip and Joanna. It seemed as if Fixer Upper, The Silos, or Magnolia Market was related to so many different parts of Waco, TX (even when you aren't looking for it). The community was just so sweet and down to earth.


Twisted Root Burger Co. - Oh my goodness this place was so great! It had a quirky bar feel and the food was delicious. They gave out tickets for your order and instead of your name or number it was a celebrity or character from pop culture. I loved it!

Stone Hearth Indian Cafe - We stopped here for dinner on our first night in Waco and if you like Indian food, you'll like it here! The only thing that I noticed is its a little overpriced, but I really enjoyed my meal and the leftovers I heated up later that night :)

The food trucks at Magnolia - I tried Cheddar Box and it was delicious. My mom and Abby went to two of the other food trucks there, and then afterwards we got coffee at the Common Grounds stand and cupcakes in the Magnolia Bakery. I recommend if you're visiting the bakery you go early in the day because the line gets pretty long!

Antique Stores/Markets/Museums/Shopping

The Dr. Pepper Museum - I LOVE fun little museums like this! Again, we didn't have the time in our schedule to visit because we were only there for 2 and a half days but I did some research and it looks like a fun little afternoon, especially if you have kids.

Spice Village - You will definitely want to dedicate 1-2 hours to this marketplace. I found so many gems amongst all the sellers and makers who have stands in Spice Village. There is even a shop.bando stand where I got some great stickers and the cutest coffee tumbler!

Roots Boutique - This boutique is the cutest! SO many great pieces for the ladies.

Texas Sports Hall of Fame - A place you might find interesting if you're a sports fan or want to learn more about Texas players.

Baylor University - If you watch Fixer Upper or have read Chip's book I'm sure you've heard of Baylor University. Its definitely worth a visit, to check out the grounds and the buildings and monuments/statues.

The Findery - One of the shops we visited that I loved! I definitely recommend stopping by (although it may be hard to say no to some of their amazing pieces. Lol)

Places To Stay

AirBnB - I love getting to stay in a more "homey" place when I visit somewhere new. Hotels are awesome but it can get pricey. Below are my 3 favorite places that AirBnB has to offer in Waco.

Where we stayed.

Shotgun House (one of my favorite homes from earlier seasons of Fixer Upper)

The German Schmear House

Magnolia Homes - There are two places that Magnolia recommends staying and they are so pretty! If you can afford it, then do it! I would love to stay there one day 😍


  1. This looks so much fun! Now I want to go visit!

  2. Waco has definitely come a long way. It's such a great town to visit, for a day trip, a weekend... absolutely love it!

  3. It sounds like you really made the most of your two and half days there! Everything looks so cute or delicious!

  4. Looks like you had such a fun trip! I've always wanted to visit Waco and now that I've seen that gourmet grilled cheese place, I'm moving it to the top of my list. :)

  5. Waco is so great! Love all of these ideas!

  6. Love this! Those Magnolia homes are SO GORGEOUS. Staying in one of those is definitely being added to my bucket list!

  7. Waco sounds dreamy. It's been on my list since I'm a HUGE Chip & Joanna fan, but it looks like there is SO much more there to see and experience.

  8. All of the food places sound so good! I've never been to Waco but it would be fun to visit someday.

  9. OMG, these stops look perfect! Also, the food pics have me wanting to take a trip ASAP.

  10. I'm planning a trip to Waco this spring but it was a little difficult to convince my husband to go there just for Magnolia Market. He thinks it's too much of a hype. I feel there's nothing wrong in giving in to the hype sometimes but I'm glad to see this post that has other recommendations too! Thanks for sharing!

    Parul - https://girlinchief.com

  11. LOVE this guide! I've been thinking of going to Waco, but was on the fence since I didn't know if there was anything other than The Silos + Magnolia Market to see. It sounds like there's plenty!


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