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Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

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February 2018 // By Mark Gettis

Valentine's Day is always a holiday that gives a little pressure to those celebrating with a significant other. What gift should I give? What says "I love you" in a non-creepy, romantic, important way? I can't just do flowers and chocolate, can I? There's a little bit of pressure (especially if its one of the first Valentine's Days that you're spending with your significant other).

Maybe you don't worry about gifts or you're strictly a flowers, chocolate, dinner date type of couple. But what if you want to switch it up a little or give a gift that isn't another tie or bracelet? Natalie shared a great list last week perfect for what to get the ladies in your life and today I am sharing a few things that I know personally I would love to get (as any guy would, I'm sure)!

1. Candy. Who doesn't love candy? So many kinds, too. Chocolate, nougat, chewy candy, sour candy, those little conversation hearts, the list goes on. Candy is always a great gift or add-on.

2. Comic Books. Your guy may not be into them, but I know I am. Its a fun, personal gift for guys who love Marvel or D.C. Last year Natalie got me a Batman comic that I'd been wanting to read and when she was in France, she found a copy in French too! It was sweet and personal. I loved it!

3. If your guy is a gamer and has a Nintendo Switch (which is a great console by the way) getting a wireless controller or the Nintendo Joy Con would be a good gift.

4. The card. Make it silly, fun, sweet, personal. Cards are always better when they reflect your personality.

5. Music. Find a great band or musician and get it on vinyl, a cd, or gift an iTunes gift card. Music is always a winner in my book!

6. A sentimental gift. Natalie and I love these "What I Love About You" books. They're personal and sweet and if your guy has a little bit of a soft spot, he'll love this!

Another gift that might be great is something you've both been wanting like a new pet or piece of furniture (for the big spenders) 😉 We have our eyes on a few new pieces of furniture and this bedspread from UO.

I'm also really digging these pants, this, this, and this. I'm sure your guy will too! What gifts are your favorites? What are you getting your man this Valentine's Day?

Need one more idea? What about a classic photo book or prints? What about a $25 gift card to Artifact Uprising to help you out with that!

Natalie and I are teaming up with two other bloggers to give you the chance to win a gift card to AU, a liquid eyeliner from BareEssentials (for the gals), and some other Valentine's Day themed gifts. Enter below and get another chance to win over on Instagram:

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  1. Nice! Thank you for sharing this - like the personalized books idea.

  2. I never thought about comic books for a gift. That’s such a great idea and you can never go wrong with candy or music! :)

  3. Love these ideas, especially since they aren't the same as what you see everywhere else. We are definitely just the dinner date type of couple, but it's always nice to sneak a little gift in there.

  4. These are such cute ideas! I will be getting my husband a new wedding band.

  5. These are such great gift ideas! Candy & a sentimental (or funny!) card are always the way to go!

    1. They definitely always accompany the gift I get Mark every year! :)

  6. These are great ideas! I've never done much for Valentine's Day, but our anniversary is four days after, so we'll just be letting our anniversary gifts do double duty. Plus hopefully some chocolate and flowers on the side ;)

    1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a good plan :)

  7. I love these ideas - a lot of posts I've seen recommend either really expensive things, or things my guy is so not into. He's definitely more the comic book & candy type so this was super helpful for me, thanks Mark!

    1. Thanks for reading! Hope you guys have a good Valentine's Day.