Casual Valentine's Day Outfit

February 2018 // By Natalie Jean

I have been obsessed with slightly oversized sweaters this year. I don't know if its because the weather has been the worst, or maybe I am just choosing comfort over "chic-ness," but whatever the reason is, I'm not complaining! 
The other day I was looking for some new workout leggings because this week I went to my first ever Pilates class with a friend (so fun but also so tiring!). Not only did I find the leggings and a new bathing suit, but I found this adorable, embroidered sweater!

Typically on Valentine's Day (or the day Mark and I celebrate) we go out to dinner or something like that but it isn't until the evening. I'm not going to sit around in a fancy dress all day, so I try to wear something comfortable yet on-theme with the holiday. Anyone else dress for holidays even if they're not doing anything?

This sweater would be perfect for Valentine's Day because of the embroidered floral detail, the lace up design in the back (so fun) and the fact that it keeps you warm! The best part about this find? It was only $12 at Gabe's! Score!

I paired it with a pair of soft jeggings and my bow-tie slide ons from Primark and created a cute and comfortable look that I can wear out for lunch, around the house, or for a "quick" Target run before dinner. (There's nothing quick about a Target run for me, let's face it!)

This outfit can also be worn any other day this winter, which I love. It's not a sweater that outright screams Valentine's Day, ya know? It's totally re-wearable. And again, at that price? I'm wearing it all the time.

What look are you rocking this year on Valentine's Day?

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  1. So I first loved the floral detail on this comfy sweater, but then the back was such a cute surprise! This is definitely something I could see myself wearing all day, any day, but a fun top for Valentine's Day!

  2. I'm a huge fan of casual wear for VDay. It's too cold in WI to be wearing any cute dresses lol

  3. I love that embroidered sweater! So cute.

  4. Your shoes and the back of that sweater! SO CUTE! I love your style.

  5. This sweater is SO cute! I love the back too, such a fun little detail!

  6. I absolutely love that sweater. The detailing and embroidery is so adorable!


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