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Staying Warm Without Sacrificing Style

12:12 AM

This post has been sponsored by Tobi. All opinions/thoughts are my own.

Last weekend, Mark and I went with some friends to Manhattan. We had such a nice time and just as we were arriving it started to snow and it was so magical!

I knew it was supposed to be cold so I wanted to be dressed warmly, but also stylish. That's where this fantastic sweater comes in. The "Need You Lace Up Turtle Neck Sweater" from Tobi is just the piece! I don't have many wine colored pieces in my wardrobe so this top is a nice addition.

I absolutely love the lace up detail on each side, which I've been noticing a lot in tops lately. Warm- check! Stylish- check! We visited Bluestone Lane Coffee and Central Park (my first time to both!) and I was warm the whole day.

The next day, Mark and I decided to get outside and enjoy the wintry weather before all the snow melted. I switched my jeans out for heavy leggings, tall boots, and a denim jacket but kept the same warm sweater from Shop Tobi (no shame in wearing it two days in a row) and added the Zoe Layered Choker I got from them too! Such a great combo.

What are some of your favorite pieces to wear as we transition into winter?

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  1. Adorable sweater! Gorgeous shots in NYC! Wow

  2. Those snowfall photos are SO pretty! I love the lace-up detail on the side, too!

  3. I'm SOOO jealous of your snow!!! We still have none!

  4. I love that sweater! It's beautiful, and so are you! Love these photos!

  5. The snow just looks so beautiful!!!

  6. SO cute! I have a few pieces from Tobi that I love!

  7. That sweater looks so warm! I'm all about cozy sweaters lately.

  8. What a winter wonderland! I love that sweater. I always have a hard time finding cute winter clothes that I can also wear to work but I feel like this sweater would be perfect.