Life, Lately.

Wow, I haven't posted a recap type of post in forever. The last one was in April! I mean, I've written about life and trips and things like that but I haven't actually filled you all in for a while. Today I wanted to just take a few minutes and share about life. Things are busy, things are moving, things are different.

I feel like after my father-in-law's passing, Mark and I had to figure out how to go back to 'normal' life without adding guilt to our already full bucket of emotions. Loss is hard and can make life difficult at times. Its hard to process through and talk about most days. We just have to try and keep moving forward.

I wanted to focus on the positive and new things that Mark and I are currently experiencing in life. While getting back into the swing of things has been taught some days, I'm so glad that Mark and I have been able to work together with freelance photo and video work. We've gotten to shoot a few ministry events, retreats, and conferences and they've all been great!

We also hosted our 5th annual Friendsgiving last weekend and had such a nice time. Getting together with friends we haven't seen in a while is always a treat! Then on Sunday we took some photos for Christmas and you can catch a sneak peek below!

I loved getting to spend time with so many friends, old and new! Once again, I only took a handful of photos because I was just enjoying the evening. We remembered to grab a group shot of some of the ladies, but it was after a few had already left. One of these years I'll get a better group photo at Friendsgiving! 

Excited to share our Christmas pictures with you in a few weeks. I can't believe there are only 6 more Fridays until Christmas! Yay!

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