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Cozy Oversized Sweaters + Paneled Denim

11:14 PM

Over the weekend, Mark and I were in New England (Massachusetts to be specific) working with Lead The Generation for a conference. Mark produced it and I got to take photos and run social media! It was really fun getting to work together and getting to spend a little time in a place I've never been. I wouldn't really say I got to experience what Mass. has to offer because we were there to work, but at least I got to see some of the gorgeous autumn foliage!

Our first day there it was 70 degrees and I was slightly disappointed. ITS NOVEMBER. But then Saturday and Sunday were chilly and equated to a perfect autumn day. Right before our trip I stopped by Target because I needed some black shoes for work. (My old black flats have seen better days!) I couldn't find the ones I was looking for, but thank God for Payless Shoes right next door.

While in Target, however, I let myself wander over to the clearance section where I found the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving, which will hit the blog in a week or two. Part of that ensemble was this really cozy sweater. I bought it one size up so it was a bit baggy and comfy and let's be honest, come Thanksgiving dinner I won't have to worry about anything! I paired it with these paneled jeans from American Eagle that I got back in the spring and it made a perfect fall day outfit.

To be honest, when I got the jeans back in April I was worried that the style wouldn't catch on. I had only seen denim like that once or twice before online and Mark even said they were "interesting." Thankfully, I'm seeing paneled denim everywhere this fall and this pair of jeans goes so well with so many different tops! Pairing this oversized sweater with simple loafers and the paneled denim resulted in probably my go-to casual outfit until snow hits the ground.

What's your go-to outfit this fall?


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  1. Can't go wrong with an oversized sweater in the winter months! Too cute!

  2. cute sweater! you're thinking ahead for that thanksgiving meal �� I will also have to figure out a cute, comfy outfit like that!

  3. I really love your jeans! This is an adorable sweater; I love that you got a bigger size so it's comfier.


  4. I have those same jeans! I think they're so fun to style and I love the way you paired them with this chunky turtleneck! So cute.

  5. I love oversized sweaters in the fall - the more fabric to wrap up in the better! And I've never seen jeans like that. They're awesome!

  6. I'm loving sweater whether and I always love the classic look of a good cream or white sweater. It goes with so much :)

  7. I love this look! I've never seen jeans made like that before!!! I neeeeeeed them in my life

    1. They are so comfy and high waisted too! American Eagle might still have them, or ones similar!

  8. Replies
    1. Its perfect for any fall outfit! Definitely a new staple of mine :)

  9. That sweater is fantastic! Perfect for Thanksgiving and throughout the fall season.