A Tiny Traveler Q+A

A few weeks ago I decided to write a Q+A post but I realized I only had 2 questions to answer, so I reached out to Facebook and Instagram and you guys got me some great questions! I feel like every few months I will start to do one of these posts so you as a reader can stay up to date or perhaps get to know me a little bit more!

"I love your fashion. Where do you shop?"
I love trying new styles and dressing both trendy and comfortable. Currently I have 3 places that I've been shopping at a lot lately: ShopStevie with Kimberly, Piper and Scoot, and Forever 21. (although lately, F21 has been changing the style of clothing they carry and I'm not a huge fan...might be moving away from it soon.) I also shop at Target, which is where these overalls are from!

"If you could get a second house, where would it be?"
Well, first I would get a 1st house :) We currently rent a pretty cute apartment in the city of Harrisburg and I love it but I can't wait to one day be homeowners so I can paint and design and all that fun stuff!

If we owned a second house, I would want it to be a cottage in France. I honestly would move there in a heartbeat!

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"What is a guilty pleasure of yours?"
Hmm... I feel like I have a handful of guilty pleasures. My favorite might be hanging out in sweats all day and ordering chinese food and binge watching Netflix. Although, that is rare because I often feel unproductive and in need of a shower by the end of the day! Another thing I love to do is bake. Cookies, pie, cake, you name it! I don't get to as much as I'd like and even though I end up giving the baked goods away to friends, family, or Mark's coworkers I just really love spending time in the kitchen!

"Do you collect anything or have a hard time throwing anything away?"
When I was a kid, I collected bouncy balls and state quarters. Haha! Currently, I would say my collection of home goods and decor is growing steadily. You know, candle stick holders, candles, tea towels, decorative bowls, throw pillows.... Mark doesn't understand it but I love being able to change things out with the seasons and new home trends!

"How many countries have you been to?"
Including America, I've been to 7 countries. If you count layovers, I've been to 8. (But I don't count layovers because I didn't really see much aside from out the airport windows!) America, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda (is that a country?), France, South Africa, and Namibia. The Ukraine was a layover country. I think my top 2 favorites were South Africa and France.

"Where do you want to travel next?"
At the end of the month, I am going to Texas to visit the Magnolia Markets + Silos with my mom and her friend Abby. I'm so excited! Over the holidays we might be taking a family trip to New England. I've never been, so I'm excited for that too!

"What is your 5 year plan?"
Oh man. I'm not much of a planner. I would more so say I am a dreamer, and that can get me in trouble at times because I find myself unprepared. I think as of now my 5 year plan is to grow Oakmoss Collective and get it to a place where I feel like its successful, be homeowners or at least preparing to be, and to have a baby. Not sure if this will all pan out because we never know God's plan, but that is where I think I would like Mark and I to be. As long as we're both happy, I don't really care :)

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