Things To Do In Richmond, Virginia

So for those of you that follow me on Instagram, you've seen that a few weeks ago Mark and I went to Virginia to visit family and then spent a few days in Richmond. We found so many awesome places to get coffee, eat, and have a little fun! Today I wanted to share our favorites with you for the next time you might visit Richmond, Va. This post is a bit lengthy, but trust me when I say it'll give you some great ideas for your trip!

We spent three days in Richmond and tried to make the most of every moment, so that included a lot of food, coffee, and walking around just exploring! I am so excited to share our finds with you. 

Below you'll see things broken up into different categories to make it a bit easier to navigate through. If you've ever been to these places/get to go there I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, too! If you have the time, juts walking around exploring for yourself can be fun too! Because this is a city, please keep in mind that you might get lost. Map out your walk before you go and make sure your phone is charged too!

1. Belle Isle
If you love history, there are several great places to visit in Richmond. One of the places that my friend Emily recommended to us was Belle Isle. Apparently, Richmond locals like to go for a bike ride or jog here and then sun bathe on these huge flat rocks by the river. Sounds like something I would totally be up for, but we went here right before we headed home so we didn't want to get sweaty. 

Instead, we crossed this cool footbridge that was suspended under the main bridge. When we got to the island, we immediately turned left because an old iron structure caught our eye. We followed paths and signs through the woods around the island and learned SO much about the island and its purpose in the Civil War. I'm a closet history lover so I really enjoyed it :)

2. Virginia Capitol Building
Always neat to see a state's capitol building! We live about 2 minutes away from PA's state capitol building and its really pretty, so stopping by to see VA's is a great idea!

3. American Civil War Center
The explanation is in the name. A great spot for history lovers! TripAdvisor has some great photos if you'd like to check it out before your trip.

4. Edgar Allen Poe Museum
I loved this place! Parts of his childhood home made up the museum, there were letters and poems and articles of clothing and even his childhood bed! The nerd in me was loving every piece of this museum. 

If you can, you need to go! Plus its less than $10 a person and you get a discount if you're a AAA member. 

Food + Coffee.
1. Asado: The Wing + Taco Company

Mark and I had our first meal in Richmond here. We got chips and salsa (so good) and then each had a taco and Mark got some wings. I had a vegetarian taco and I don't know what the heck they put in there but it was delicious!

2. Whisk
This cute little bakery welcomes you with the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. They have macarons the size of the palm of my hand! We tried a matcha flavored one and some iced coffee and it was the perfect afternoon treat.

3. Maple + Pine Restaurant (and the rooftop of Quirk Hotel)
This restaurant was downstairs in our hotel and they had such a fancy menu! We had "bar snacks" because the main kitchen was closed, but it all looked delicious! Next time we go back I plan on trying more, but the fries + drinks were great.

4. Lift Coffee Shop + Cafe
We went here for breakfast on our last day and absolutely loved it! The coffee was good, the decor and outdoor seating were great, and MAN were the breakfast sandwiches tasty! 

They also have a fun little mural of wings that we took pictures in front of to, because why not?

5. K Town Kitchen and Bar
DELICIOUS Korean Food in what some may call a little "hole in the wall." We loved it! Definitely recommend if you're looking for something tasty and different from tacos or burgers. (The vegetarian options are very tasty!)

We both had really been wanting to stop here and check it out because we followed their IG account, and we were finally able to! We went to The Lab by Alchemy Coffee and got some great iced lattes.I highly recommend checking it out, and then walking across the street to Asado for some tacos!

7. The Pit and The Peel
If you like juice, smoothies, and smoothie bowls then this is the place for you! We went here 2x on our trip and I tried a smoothie bowl and a green juice and Mark got smoothies. The staff was so friendly, they have cards and board games to play while you hang out, and there is a lunch/dinner menu as well!

8. Lamplighter Roasting Company
Mark and I really liked the vibes and coffee at Lamplighter. Two thumbs up!

9. Charm School Ice Cream
YES. This place had the most delicious and unique flavors as well as vegan ice cream! I got Vegan Chocolate Cookie and Mark got Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl. Holy yum!

1. The Gallery and Shop in Quirk Hotel

They had everything from art to books to jewelry to baby items to the cutest stationery! Definitely a cute little stop, especially if you're unable to stay at the hotel itself. Then walk into another room and see some unique art installations.

We didn't really shop much but these are the places we walked by or stopped in. They all have a fun style that I think you'd love! Definitely plan to shop here the next time we go back.

I hope that your trip to Richmond is fun and you enjoy these recommendations! If you live in RVA or have visited, leave your favorite places in the comments below.

ALSO if you haven't seen our vlogs from the trip, check those out here.

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