Things I Learned in My 23rd Year.

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This past year was a crazy whirlwind of emotion, life changes, and new beginnings and I learned so much! I've decided instead of sharing my birthday wish list or something like that, I would share a few things that this past year, my 23rd year, has taught me.

Last year, I turned 23 and celebrated with a trip to The Louvre and the most delicious Croque Madame in Paris, France with one of my best friends. It was an amazing way to start that next chapter of life! This year, I celebrated with my family in Disney World (post coming soon) and had dinner with a few friends at Terrain Garden Cafe. These last 2 celebrations have been such wonderful blessings!

As this last year stretched on I learned several things. Most of them were good although, as it usually is in life, some started out confusing and full of growing pains. Looking back now I'm glad that life goes the way it does because it turns me into the woman I am today, and I wouldn't trade that for anything!

1// Don't Change Who You Are For Anyone. A job, a friend, a school, a creative endeavor. It might "help" you at first, but later on you'll feel like you don't know who you are any more and the people in your life won't know the real you either! Just be yourself! Be proud of what makes you, you.

2// Give a Little Love. Then Give a Little More. Just say yes to kindness and love and grace. It makes the world (and your life) so much better!

3// Trying Something New Could Be The Best Thing You Do. Maybe you'll fall in love with rock climbing, or painting, or intramural soccer. Who knows? Don't always say no and let fear or uncertainty take the reigns. Say yes to something new!

4// Don't Be Afraid To Say "I Can Do This." As some of you know, I am the founder of Oakmoss Collective. It wasn't always a business! In fact, it wasn't until September 2016 that it officially became a legal business. I was so scared to say that I was a business owner! It was new territory and I really didn't have experience or a mentor to help me out, but I decided to say "I can do this!" I am so glad that I chose to step out and say yes to my dream.

5// Don't Let Your Personality Type Hold You Back. I love Myers-Briggs personality tests and what they all mean and how they describe a person. I just find it so fascinating! I am an INFJ (apparently one of the rarest types??) and every now and again I would let that box me in. This past year though I decided to allow myself to have moments of extroverted-ness. I allowed myself to do things that I might not normally do if I keep myself strictly tied to the personality type that I am. That's the fun thing about life! You can be mostly introverted but have some moments where you're outgoing and excited for crazy, new experiences. You can be very pensive and thoughtful or have days where you just dive right in without thinking too much about a decision. Don't let yourself hold you back or keep you in a box!

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