Our Virginia Vacation

Last week, Mark and I went on a little Memorial Day vacation to Virginia and let me tell you, it was just what we needed! I haven't seen my Dad, his wife, and their kids since Christmas so for the first few days of the week we visited with them and had a lot of fun catching up, making s'mores over their fire pit, watching movies, and going to Norfolk's Waterside. 

After spending a few days with the family, we traveled to Richmond, Va to check in at The Quirk Hotel. It was probably one of the most artistic and creative hotels I have ever stayed in. I loved every little piece of it! Art hung everywhere, there was a gallery and courtyard, they had a coffee shop in the lobby, our room was decorated in such a cute style, and their was even a rooftop bar/lounge where you could see most of the city from. So cool! (Be sure to check A Tiny Traveler later this week to see my collaboration with them!)

Our first night, we walked down the street to get coffee at The Lab by Alchemy and then we had the best tacos ever at a place called Asado: The Wing & Taco Company. Seriously, these places were the best to kick off our trip. When we got back to the hotel, we ventured up to the rooftop bar to take in the city. The sun was setting and there was a light breeze and the moment was almost perfection.

Our second day started out by me waking up with the worst stomach ache ever because of a poor late night decision... pork belly sliders. I haven't eaten pork in almost 3 years and I'm not sure if the excitement of vacation had gone to my heard or what but I shared it with Mark and then faced the consequences the next morning. I didn't want to ruin the day, so I got dressed and ready to go. We had coffee and then decided to walk the couple of blocks to get smoothie bowls. By the time I got there I had broken into a cold sweat and had the worst headache to accompany my stomach cramps. Just great. The smoothie bowl was delicious but I knew I was fading quickly. We stopped again on the walk back to get some coffee at Lamplighter Coffee, and then after that I was done for the afternoon. 

I slept right through lunch, battling a fever and muscle pain, and woke up feeling a little better. We went to a Korean place that totally felt like a hole-in-the-wall, but had great Yelp reviews, for dinner and it was amazing. As we were walking back we stumbled upon an ice cream parlor called Charm School. It was decorated like an old classroom and had the most interesting flavors to choose from like "Toast + Jam" and "Cereal Milk." Mark chose Peanut Butter + Fudge and I got the Vegan Chocolate Cookie. Then disaster struck. On the walk back to the hotel my stomach was in knots. Guys, it seriously felt like someone took a swing to my chest and my belly. I don't know what was going on! For the rest of the trip, any time I ate anything my stomach would hurt. Not a fun element to our vacation. Mark was so kind and supportive, though! He brought me medicine and juice and was totally fine with taking it easy for the rest of the trip. 

Our final day in Richmond, Thursday, was probably my favorite day because we went to a couple of neat places. The Poe Museum, Whisk Bakery, and Belle Isle to name a few! It was such a great little getaway and start to our busy summer. 

What's one of your favorite places to vacation? Do you go to the same place each year or visit somewhere new?


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