Meal Planning Made Easy

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A few weeks ago, Mark and I started using this at-home food delivery service called Home Chef and we instantly loved it. It makes cooking so easy and quite a bit of fun! 

Today I wanted to share with you our very first experience with them and why they're worth checking out. Plus by signing up with my link, they'll take $30 off your first shipment! How awesome is that?

Our first box came with a recipe + ingredients for Crispy Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad and Burrata Pizza Margherita. What's awesome about Home Chef is that you get to pick from a variety of meals for that week so you know that what you get fits your dietary needs and will be just what you're craving! Plus its delivered right to your home in packaging that keeps ingredients cold and fresh until you get home to put it in the fridge. 

Another thing that I love about Home Chef is that you can pause your account at any time and  even skip a week or two. Sometimes Mark and I are traveling and we don't want to have to spend money on a box that will go to waste so we just log in and skip that week (for free!) and schedule the delivery for when we get home.

How delicious does this look? It was so yummy and before Home Chef, I had no idea how to make fried goat cheese medallions or what burrata cheese even was! Getting to cook together was also a lot of fun. I highly recommend Home Chef for those of you that hate grocery shopping, couples looking for something new to try, or for anyone looking to make delicious, home cooked meals that you could totally mistake for something from your favorite restaurant. Two thumbs up!

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