Weekend Snaps

The last weekend of February was one that was filled with cozy moments, surprise visits from friends, and then a little trip to the mountains. Seriously a much needed weekend for Mark and I. As you can tell, I've been so busy the last few days, but I'm finally able to take a minute and sit down to share it with you guys! Bear with me, there are a lot of photos!

Friday we visited friends in Phoenixville (where we went to college) and got ice cream. Then the next day, Mark and I enjoyed a quiet morning at home and were later surprised by Nick + Jessica for dinner! The next morning we went for a walk and then had brunch at Yellow Bird Cafe.

After they left, Mark and I packed for our trip to the mountains. We were so excited to get to our little AirBnb cabin and meet up with our friends Christian and Abigail.

The night started with tacos, board games, and watching Nacho Libre projected onto the wall. Pretty great, if you ask me. We put out the fire, said our good nights, and anticipated the next morning's breakfast.

What a breakfast it was.

After that we cleaned up, packed up, said our goodbyes to "El Sol" (our cabin's name) and headed to the woods. Not long after we started our descent of the mountain we saw an abandoned ski lift and decided to take some photos. Why not, right?

Then we snapped a few more on this (slightly dangerous) one-lane bridge over the river. I love adventuring with friends :)

After our time in the woods, we drove around trying to find a waterfall with no luck. We were getting hungry so we headed to Yelp's top recommendation for coffee shops in the area, Café Duet. It was so cute! The decor and baked goods jumped out at you right when you walked in and the menu was pretty broad from PB+J (what I got) to a Broccoli Rabe + Mozzarella Sandwich (what Mark got). 

They served coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and I got a Macchiato. Not sure if that is supposed to pair well with PB+J, but I liked it. Café Duet also had one of the best cookie combos ever, chocolate chip-oatmeal-coconut. Yuuuuuum!

After that we walked around downtown Stroudsburg and visited a camera shop and an old bookstore where Mark and I picked up copies of 'Wit and Wisdom' by Oscar Wilde and a collection of poetry by Robert Frost to read on the drive home. 

Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days that we both needed. I can't wait for our next trip!


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