5 Ways to Uplift Your Home For Spring

Over the last two weeks, we've experienced Daylight Savings, a huge North Eastern snow storm, and the first official day of spring. It seems crazy that the season of spring has finally arrived! 

How exciting, especially for my warm weather-loving friends. I love the changing of the seasons for so many reasons, one of them being new ways to decorate or implement the season in your home!

As long as I can remember, my mom had a bin filled with decor and art for each season. When the snow finally melted, she would pack up all the neutral colored things and get out the faux flowers, brightly colored throw pillows, floral scented candles, and table settings adorned with little birds, bunny rabbits, and doodles of the sun. Nature was blooming outside and our home was brightening inside!

This year, it will be the second spring that Mark and I are married and I'm realizing that we don't have much to really change the "season" of our home. I can't wait until we have a house (no more renting) and can paint and decorate every room! Until then, I've come up with a few simple ways to uplift your space for the next season.

1. Flowers // Whether real of faux, flowers bring that "spring feeling" to any room! They brighten it up, bring nature inside to comforts of your home, and they are a welcoming site to any visitors!

2. Put away the winter decor // Not just rearranged, but actually put it away in a box and either store it in a closet or in your basement. This may seem like a no brainer, but when you don't have a ton of decorations, it feels easier to just rearrange what you have but if a pinecone or snowman statue is out, it'll still feel like winter. Out of site, out of mind. It's time for Spring!

3. Comfort // Get a new throw pillow or two! One with flowers or bright designs. If that's not your thing, maybe pack away the quilt and put a fresh set of linens on your bed. 

You can also get a new area rug and rug pad. Honestly, I didn't even know rug pads were a thing until I discovered RugPad USA. They have so many different ones to choose from and in every size imaginable, and offer free shipping. We got one for our living room (in exchange for this review) because the new area rug we purchased doesn't have any padding or grip. Its done wonders, especially on the hard wood floor! Seriously. I love it. 

It provides security for the rug (I can't tell you how many times my husband or myself has slipped on it) as well as extra padding for our feet. Hardwood floors are pretty and all, but sometimes extra padding is just nice. If you haven't used a rug pad before or heard of RugPad USA, I highly recommend checking them out! Plus you can get a discount on your rug pad if you use the code Natalie123 :)

4. Spring Cleaning // As much as we hear it, how many of us actually do it? I swept and mopped the kitchen yesterday, did all the dishes and laundry, and took out the trash. Then I went through our junk drawer + desk drawers and got rid of everything we don't need. It felt so good! Up next on my list is to clean the bathroom from top to bottom, clean out from under the bed, and go through our clothes and get rid of what we don't wear. We typically send things to ThredUP (click that link to get $10 when you sign up!) or donate to Goodwill. 

5. Fresh Air // If it is nice outside, go ahead and turn off the AC/heating unit and open the windows. It'll feel so good to have a fresh breeze coming inside, and everything will have that fresh air scent. 

If you can't open the windows, try using a home spray. Not one of those perfume-y, chemical filled ones. Try something natural. It'll uplift the air of your home, be a welcoming smell to guests, and fill you with peace knowing you're not spraying chemicals all over. I love Marie Lynn's Grapefruit + Eucalyptus spray! 

If you have tips or tricks to uplifting your home during the transition into spring, I would love to hear in the comments below! Happy Spring!


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