Surviving a Snow Day

I don't understand the weather this winter. It's totally bizarre! Last week temperatures were in the high 60's and today we got about 15 inches of snow in Central PA. Who knows what next week will look like?

Mark woke me up this morning and said, "Let's bundle up and go take some pictures and get coffee." It was the most exciting way to start the day. We probably saw about 3 cars driving around the city, and several people walking in the street to avoid un-shoveled sidewalks. There was that  much snow! We had a great time and even found this tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch. (Amazing grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup!)

When we got back we got back in our PJ's and relaxed for the rest of the day. I decided to write up a quick post to share some of the day's photos and give you a couple of ideas on how to survive a surprise snow day in the middle of March.

Step One: Bundle Up. Whether you're going outside or sitting on the couch, get on some warm and comfy clothes. Don't even wear jeans if you don't have to!

Step Two: Make Cocoa. Always start a snow day with a warm drink, whether coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Extra marshmallows encouraged.

Step Three: Take a Nap. You have a snow day. You totally can take a nap.

Step Four: Comfort Food. To me, snow day comfort food is soup, grilled cheese, pancakes, or baked ziti (I know, that last one is a weird snow day food). Make something you love that will make your tummy happy.

Step Five: Books and Movies. Watch your favorite movie or tv show. Read a good book. Write in your journal. Listen to a new podcast. Take some time to just relax!

Did you get any snow? How did you spend your snow day?


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