Revamping Your Closet on a Budget

Over the last few weeks, Mark and I have been trying to declutter and shop smarter. We've thrown out a lot of junk, donated some items, and sold a few things. We decided that we don't just want our stuff to fill up a landfill and looked into options of where we can donate or sell items. As the month begins, we decided to jump in and join the 40 Bags in 40 Days movement (which is basically what it sounds like). So far its going well!

*this post was sponsored by ThredUp and also contains affiliate links

One option for getting rid of clothes that I settled on is ThredUp. I've known about them for a little while, but in the last couple weeks started to really appreciate all they have to offer! I sent in several bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories and made a few extra dollars (who doesn't love that?). 

After I made some space in my closet, I checked out what ThredUp had to offer and let me tell you the stuff I got was amazing. For $30 I got a pair of jeans from Madewell, a top from American Eagle (with the tag still on), a cardigan from Forever 21, and a top from the J. Crew Outlet. Everything was in "new" or "like new" condition (you can get things that are gently worn for a lot cheaper, but I stayed away from those items) and I'm so excited to show you what I got! 

We spent the morning brewing coffee, playing with our cat, and watching The Great British Baking Show.  It was quite a lovely Saturday, if you ask me. Mark snapped a couple shots so I could share my new items with you all, and if you keep scrolling you'll see what items I've picked out for you too!

What do you think? And for only $30! Check out some of these items below that I hand picked just for you from ThredUp and let me know what you think!

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