Our Day In Versailles

All this weird weather in Pennsylvania has me craving another trip. I need the sun and warm weather! I was reminiscing with Mark the other day about my trip with Jessica to France last summer and ever since then it's like my wanderlust is off the charts. PA is cool and all but there's nothing to do when its cold. Where is that springtime sunshine?

Until the next trip, I'll just have to relive my trip to France through this photos. I realize I've never shared about our day in Versailles, so sit back + relax as I take you on a photo journey :)

At the start of our time in Paris, Jess and I wore tights and sweaters because it was so rainy and cold. Totally didn't think about the fact that on another continent, the seasons are different. The first official day of summer season was when we decided to visit Versailles and oh my gosh its like it became summer overnight. 

Fun little story... we were wearing dresses, tights, and cardigans and it got so hot that we hid behind a parked bus to strip off our layers to keep from sweating to death! It was hilarious and slightly embarrassing. We ended up spending the whole time in the garden, not only to cut costs but because it was just that nice outside!

The fountains were stunning and the gardens were well manicured. It was such a pretty place to spend the afternoon! We lost track of time and probably stayed an extra hour than we planned. We didn't care though because seriously, its Versailles.

After we walked through the gardens and Marie Antoinette's little village (I definitely recommend you visit her garden and summer house!) we walked towards the back entrance and found this quaint pasture with sheep grazing, people picnicking, and children playing catch + riding bikes. It was literally a perfect day.  

Jessica read her book and I sketched out the sheep and fields of green, green grass. It felt like we were in a scene of a Jane Austen book. I didn't want to leave! 

Have you ever traveled to Versailles? What was your favorite thing about it? If you've never been and ever get the chance to, I recommend it whole-heartedly. Next time I plan to take a tour of the house and see the inside, but for last summer's trip the gardens were perfectly wonderful.


  1. Oh I love love love Versailles! It's one of my favorite places in the world! Lovely pictures!

    GG | www.girlingamba.com


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