Ways To Say "I Love You"

Happy Galentine's Day! (Otherwise known as the day before Valentine's Day.) Over the weekend a few friends and I celebrated our 3rd Galentine's Day with a dinner party. Tori hosted and she had the cutest decorations and a heart shaped pizza and sparking raspberry punch. Yum! Spending time with friends is always a treat :) 

Today I wanted to share a few ways that you can let people know you love them, whether a significant other, friend, or family member.

1. Write a letter // Sometimes getting a letter or card in the mail can be a huge surprise and pick me up! Writing to your mom, sister, or friend can be a sweet way to get in touch and keep things more meaningful than a typical text message. During Valentine's Day its especially fun because you can send fun little puns and cute characters! 

2. Acts of Selflessness // Do an extra chore around the house so your roommate, family member, or spouse doesn't have to worry about it. Make the bed, clean up the bathroom, do some laundry, or wash the dishes. There's nothing like coming home and seeing that the dishes are washed or the laundry is folded :)

3. Have a girl's night // Invite your gal pals over to celebrate Galentine's Day! Watch a romantic comedy, eat some carbs and sugar, and play some games. Or if you're all in the mood to go out, get dressed up and hit a fancy restaurant! If you want to do something unique and memorable maybe you could go to the movies, go bowling, paint pottery, or take a cooking class with your friends.

4. Go on a trip // If you have a little extra money in your budget, take you spouse or friend or sibling somewhere for the weekend! Maybe a beach trip or a cozy weekend at a cabin. AirBnB is one of my favorite places to find cute and inexpensive homes to stay in. We have a trip planned for the end of the month up in the Poconos and I'm so excited!

5. Social media shoutouts // This one sounds a little silly or even like the smallest gesture, but when I get a notification that my husband or friend shared a photo of us and tagged me in it, it brings a smile to my face! Knowing that they're thinking of me at a random point in the day and felt like it was worth telling other people about is such a sweet thing to do. I love taking photos, so sharing my memories on Facebook or Instagram of the people I care about is always fun :) 

6. Buy a disposable camera // Something that I loved doing in college when Mark and I were dating was buying disposable camera for a date or trip that we would go on. I have so many old memories that I'm glad I captured. I love posting photos of *basically* everything, but having these images on film is nice because the only people who can see them is us. They're not on twitter or Facebook and I'm totally okay with that. My friends, Jessica and Nick, take photos on disposable cameras every Valentine's Day and I think that is such a cute tradition, too!

After our first Christmas together as a married couple, I got an Instax camera and have been taking polaroids of everything and have them hanging up in a frame at home. I'm going to cut out some red paper hearts and tape polaroids in the center of them from 2 or 3 of our favorite dates and hang them on the fridge for a cute little touch.

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