Christmas Gift Guide

A few posts back, I shared some little bits about life and a reader survey. After looking over the results, I realized that my "just for fun" question about favorite holidays showed how many of you love Christmas. Well, have no fear, you're in good company! 

I absolutely love Christmas! I love it more than my birthday and more than dare-I-say our wedding anniversary, and Mark knows it too. I made him get the decorations from the basement on November 2nd, and although they aren't all up yet, we're making progress. 

So, for this post I wanted to share some small businesses and handmade goods that I've been loving and I think would definitely be worth checking out for your Christmas gift guides! Enjoy.

          Christmas devotional // Wire beaded jewelry // Kid's books // Flannel leather bag
I'd love to check out anything that you have on your Christmas wish list! Leave a comment below!


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