Meet Fern!

I have some exciting news to share with you this weekend! Mark and I adopted a little 6 week kitten from a friend of ours who rescued her from a not-so-loving owner. I'm pleased to introduce you to Fern, just in time for 'National Cat Day'. We're pretty sure she is a Russian Blue (because she is a rescue we don't have too much info on her background) and she loves to play with her little yellow mouse toy and with toilet paper tubes! Her meows are so tiny and sweet.

The only down side to adopting her is that she is sick so it's been a lot of hard work and constant care.  Plus, she was separated from her mother a little too early so she constantly wants to cuddle but I can't because she is getting rid of fleas and worms and diarrhea (I know it's nasty, but it's the truth). It breaks my heart to see her in pain and see her cry from feeling so sick! If you could say a little prayer for her and that her meds start to kick in that would be great!

I'll be sure to share an update soon, but let me tell you my heart has already melted and I've fully embraced the title "Cat Mom." So, without further ado, meet Fern!


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