6 Ways To De-Stress

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard to get Oakmoss Collective ready for it's first booth in the marketplace of the Deeply Rooted Retreat and here we are...set up day! I can't believe it's here already.

To be honest, I'm nervous. What will the turnout be like? Will we sell anything? Will we sell out? If we do is it because I didn't make enough product? Will I make any new friends? Will the people I meet be nice? The list goes on. I'm sure most of these worries are not necessary at all. But none-the-less I am tired and a little stressed out.

Before I leave for the retreat, I decided it was time to practice some self-care methods that I often use in times of stress and being overwhelmed. I hope that they can help you as well. Let's de-stress!

Bath Time - the more bubbles and bath salts, the better!
Unfortunately, when we moved into our new apartment we didn't realize we were forgoing our bathtub. We only have a shower in the new place, so instead of a bath I like to use a face mask and hang eucalyptus on the shower head. It smells amazing!

Healthy Eating -
When I get stressed I tend to eat a lot of french fries, bread, and chocolate. This is super unhealthy and can cause breakouts and anxiety. Feed your body good things like fruit and veggies while you prepare for a big event, that way you won't have a pimple or weight gain to worry about. Have you ever tried a green smoothie? Those are my go to in the morning. Kale or spinach, banana, pineapple, cucumber, and water; blend it up and you have a tasty, healthy drink!

Painting My Nails -
Whenever I need an extra self-esteem boost I like to paint my nails. It always makes me feel put-together (even if I'm not). Colors like black, red, and deep maroon make me feel like I could take over the world!

Sleep - a whole night's worth.
A quick nap here and there can help you feel better in the moment, but before a retreat or big trip or something at work/school that requires a lot of attention make sure you get a full night of rest. I'm talking 7-8 hours! I know that I personally need at least 8 hours before any event or I'll be guzzling coffee and feeling grumpy.

Upbeat Tunes -
Turn off that melancholy, sad stuff. I like Adele and James Vincent McMorrow as much as the next girl, but you need to give yourself some pep! Turn on those fun 80's jams or some old school Jonas Brothers. Dance around your bedroom before stepping out into the world.

and finally...

Positive Self Talk -
I can do it! I look great in this shirt! My hair is amazing today! Nobody can bring me down! I was meant to be here and take on this challenge! Get back up and try again! I am more than my past and today I will do better! I am meant for great things!

^^ say those things over and over until you believe them.

Okay, are you ready? Let's get out there and tackle our dreams! Wish me luck at the retreat this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Share your dreams and adventures in the comments below!


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