Blog, Life, + Biz: My Goals for September.

Wait, how is it already September? I feel like just yesterday I was sharing my goals for the summer. So crazy how time flies, the older we get the faster it goes! I am so looking forward to this month for many reasons. One of those reasons is to join in with Bailey and her 2016 Blogtember Challenge! I tried to join in last year but wasn't very successful at posting every day. This year I hope to embrace the challenge fully and get into the habit of blogging regularly again.

I've already missed Day 1 ( surprise there) where we have to introduce ourselves. If you want to know a little about me, you can visit this page and hopefully if I have time over the weekend I can write a quick little introduction post for the day I missed. 

Today's prompt is one that I am excited to share: Current Goals! I have quite a few for this month and for the Autumn season in general so grab a cup of coffee and read along. 

Blog Goals:
- Join in on the Blogtember Challenge and stick with it.
- Make a new "about me" page 
- Finalize an advertising program for A Tiny Traveler (ad space, promo material, guest posts, social media shout outs, etc.)
- Take better quality photos and use them for posts rather than mostly iPhone photos

Life Goals:
- Finish planning our anniversary trip to Brooklyn, NY
- Get more exercise. Walk, jog, yoga.
- Read one entire book before the month is over. I have like, 4 different books started. I just need to finish one!
- Spend more intentional time with my husband.
- Creative a better household budget and cleaning routine for our apartment
- Make a schedule for working from home...cut out all the Netflix binge-watching and be productive!

Business Goals:
- Establish Oakmoss Collective as an LLC
- Get the shop up and running for Oakmoss Collective
- Prep for the booth at the Deeply Rooted Retreat

- Add a few more prints to my etsy shop and prep for Christmas sales


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