Slow Mornings with Barista Brain.

Happy weekend friends! Whenever I wake up and realize that it is Friday, I am overcome with a feeling of peace and excitement for the weekend. I could have the busiest day ever but in the back of my mind I know it'll all be okay because its the weekend. Anyone else with me?

One thing I love about the weekend is getting to sleep in a little longer and start my day slowly with a cup of coffee. Usually we make something fresh in the Chemex and every now and again Mark and I will use the V60 for pour-overs or the french press. Honestly, ever since we got married we've been making coffee by hand and have only used our automated coffee maker once for a party. We just aren't huge fans of the burnt taste it gives the coffee! So with that in mind, you can understand why I would be hesitant to try making coffee in anything automated, like the Barista Brain from OXO. Boy, was I wrong!

The Barista Brain 9-cup coffee maker was designed with hand-poured brew methods in mind. It is brewed with water that is kept at an optimal temperature and brews in cycles (just like a pour-over!) and can also be prepped the night before to wake you up to a freshly brewed pot of your favorite coffee. Because Mark and I have all of our hand-brew methods set up in the kitchen, we decided to put our Barista Brain up in our bedroom and - HOLY COW - it makes getting out of bed so much easier. 

We've fallen into the routine of making coffee in the Barista Brain on the mornings where we don't have as much down time. It does some of the work for us ;) Mark has been prepping the night before and then in the morning I'll pour our coffee when it brews at our set alarm of 7:00am. It's so nice to have those few extra minutes to chat while we drink our coffee in the morning and get ready for work. On the weekends I especially love getting back into bed and cuddling a few extra minutes while we drink our coffee and talk about the day's activities.


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