Exploring Your Hometown

This past weekend, Mark and I decided to get out of our apartment and actually explore the city of Harrisburg. Every month the city has an event called "Third in the Burg" and different vendors come out and open up their shops later than usual for people to shop, look at art, eat, and socialize. We met up with some friends after checking out a new bakery and getting coffee and visited an art museum with them, then later got some ice cream! Mark and I took a few photos from the evening and we can't wait for more nights like these!

We ended the night by going to the top of a parking garage on City Island and watching fireworks from the local baseball game! I think we're starting to really like Harrisburg :)

Coffee: Elementary Coffee Co. // Natalie's dress + Mark's shirt: H&M // Purse: Primark (only $3!!!!!) 

Then on Saturday morning, we had the pleasure of sleeping in and going furniture shopping for our new apartment. (We are moving a few blocks towards center city at the end of June!) We went to Elizabethtown, PA with 2 friends, Brit and Brandon, to "explore." Now, if you've ever seen the movie Elizabethtown you'd probably think you were gonna visit this quaint little town and (especially in 2016) you'd think there would be endless photo ops and cute little shops, etc. Not so much. I know it isn't the same "Elizabethtown" but I was hoping it would be... It downpoured the ENTIRE day. So we ran from the car to several different points of exploration, in the hopes of finding furniture but we were not successful. 

Luckily, the day was saved when we finally grabbed coffee at a place called Folklore. It was such a great spot, a diamond in the rough! We played chess, chatted for nearly 2 hours, and got the most delicious sandwiches for dinner. I got "The Sleepy Hollow" which was a drink comprised of steamed milk, vanilla, a shot of espresso, and a sweet + spicy tea. It was delicious! So while the day was basically soggy + unsuccessful, it was saved by a cozy spot with good coffee and conversation. 


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