April Showers.

I can't believe that April is already here! It feels like just yesterday I was counting down the days until Christmas. Now here I am counting down the days for this cold weather to go away and the rain to subside just so we can get on with spring already!

Today, I wanted to just share a few of my favorite reads from the last month, a few of my favorite posts, and the goals/things I'm looking forward to this month.

First of all, these posts were really inspiring and great to read over the last couple of weeks. I haven't really had a whole lot of inspiration and motivation to write on A Tiny Traveler lately, maybe one or two posts and some guest posts but I'm hoping to write more over the next couple of weeks! So enjoy these posts and maybe they'll be inspiring to you too.

- Five Years Removed Levi the Poet

- A Sunday Out of Summer Laura Lucy F

- When Your Simple Life Doesn't Look So Simple Simply Liv Blog

- Blog and Business Journey Jen Carrington

Have you read...?
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Welcoming Spring with Stitch Fix

- Ready. Set. Go. (a post on preparing yourself for dream chasing)

- These Basic Twitter Tips

Goals for the month of April:

- Write more, on A Tiny Traveler and on Oakmoss Collective.

- Spend more time with family and friends. Mark and I have been really busy the last 2 months so I feel like my social life tanked. We were able to spend a few days with Mark's family in Disney last week which was wonderful! I can't wait for coffee shop dates, visiting friends and family, and little springtime adventures to come!

- Take more photos. I love documenting time spent with people and different places I get to visit but I lately have been leaving our camera at home. I want to start carrying it with me whenever Mark and I go on trips.

- Read a book.

Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me! Be sure to check out my ad sale as well. I would love to start working with you and have you on my sidebar this month! Shoutouts on social media are included ;)

xx Natalie


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