Welcoming Spring with Stitch Fix!

So the weather has been a little wonky lately. It gets warmer and then cold and then warm again and it's making me sneezy and quite frankly annoyed. No more freezing winds or biting, slap-you-in-the-face temperatures! I want spring to stay. With the arrival of spring, I thought it would be fun to discuss your seasonal wardrobe. Sweaters + coats can be too warm but a tank top + sandals are too cold.... how do you find a happy medium?

This is where my newfound love of StitchFix comes into play. They have so many different styles and it's personalized just for you! In addition, if you don't like something you can send it back free of charge, which is awesome!

Today I want to share a few photos from my first and second shipments and different ways you can style pieces like these as you transition into the spring weather. A few weeks ago I started my full time job and things have been very hectic at home, so I really haven't had time to even consider going shopping... I mean, I haven't been to Target in weeks. That's not normal for me... But thank the Lord that there is a place that styles an outfit for me with a few extra pieces and it shows up right at my door!

I took some of these photos with the timer setting on my camera so please excuse the random pencils and scissors in the foreground/side of the photo. Haha!

Pairing a sweater with skinny jeans and lightweight shoes (like loafers or Toms) are great for transitioning! Or, a loose and flowy cardigan over top a striped tee, or maybe over a loose long sleeve? Very comfortable and casual but stylish and weather-appropriate too! ALSO they have shoes now! So your outfit is totally complete (especially with the above teal clutch that came in my first fix).

What are some ways that you like to transition into spring with your wardrobe?

xx Natalie


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