Ready. Set. Go.

Ready. Set. Go! We hear it at sporting events, in competitions, when we're giving ourselves a little pep talk before a huge leap, the list goes on. It's not an uncommon phrase, and usually we think very little of it. But I was thinking, what if we did think about it a little more than usual and then applied it to our lives? That could be pretty awesome... Let me break it down.

The "ready" and the "set" parts are often sped right along because we want to just "go" and get to what we're striving for. We make plans and set goals, but sometimes we forget to prepare for the execution of those plans + goals. We rush right into it without pausing to think about whether or not its right for us in the first place. We need to map things out, we need to pray about it, we need to acknowledge if its even realistic, etc. We need to make sure that we are properly caring for ourselves before we dive in to the "go."

Today I want to be real with you. I've been struggling with getting back into a consistent blogging schedule. I feel lethargic and self-conscious about my art and my blog and my etsy shop. I've found myself comparing what I do to what other successful creatives do. This is not okay! I also just started a full time job at 40hrs a week and put my passions on the back burner. When we are attempting to reach a goal, we have to prepare and make a game plan. A game plan won't work if it's riddled with insecurities or doubts. So, today I wanted to chat a little bit about ways that you can prepare before you go, go, go!

1. Make sure you're getting rest. You can't get anything done at your best if you're tired and worn out. When you're worn out you won't be as attentive and your ideas won't be as great! Plus, you'll feel like crap. When I have a bunch of ideas and plans, but I'm tired I almost always hate the results because I did things while distracted or sleepy. Especially with Daylight Saving taking an hour from us, it's crucial to make sure you rest!

2. Jot it down. When you get that golden idea for a blog post, piece of art, or something related to your dreams, the WORST thing is to forget it a few hours later. I have a tiny notepad in the glove compartment of my car, a pad of sticky notes in my purse, and paper all around the house. The notes app on my phone also comes in handy to write those ideas down!

3. Support. Having a support system is super important when you're preparing to take a big leap of faith into your dreams. Whether you're surrounded by your family, your friends, a group of people from church, or your spouse, having people that believe in you and can encourage you (and even stretch you by asking the hard questions) is key. If you don't have anyone pushing you or encouraging you then what's going to keep you going on the hard days?

*a little side note: last night I was crying and feeling mopey because I feel like I haven't been getting that encouragement and validation that my art + creativity was craving. Being able to cry to my husband, get a hug, and hear his pep talk about not giving up was just what I needed! So speaking from experience, you need to get a support system!

4. 5 Year Plan. This might not apply to every decision you make, but it's a good tip to think about. Will this choice affect you in the next 5 years? Will you regret your decision or path of action after 5 years? Do you think that this will help you achieve your dreams in a 5 year timeframe?

5. Get set. This is the step before you go, go, go! What are some things that you can do to mentally and physically prepare yourself before you dive into a season of business? Yoga, prayer, positive thinking, going for a walk, cleaning up the house, getting your supplies ready, etc. What can you do to make sure that you don't run out of energy and passion?

Those are my 5 best suggestions for anyone that finds themselves in this type of situation whether its for a simple decision or for chasing after your dreams completely! I would love to hear your suggestions as well on how to prepare for that "Ready, set, go!" moment in life. Leave them in the comments below!


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