March Goals

I feel like as soon as I write a post to recap the month, its time to write another one! Time really flies by doesn't it? Today I want to go over my goals that I had for February and see which ones I accomplished and then chat about things I have planned for March.

So taking a look back, I had planned to accomplish the following tasks:
Finish my social media e-book. 
CHECK! Use the code: SOCIALMEDIA101 to save 15% on your copy!

Get the laundry done. All of it. 
CHECK! (but now there's more from this past week)

Write more letters. 
CHECK! Sort of... I wrote a few birthday cards so I guess that counts but there are 2-3 people that I want to write to. I gotta get on that.

- Have a special Valentine's Day. 
YES! We had dinner and built a fort and went for a walk and had brunch and it was just so sweet :)

- Paint more! 
Not so much. Unless working on my hand-lettering counts.

- Read one book. 

- Plan out Oakmoss Collective's Spring event. 
YES! I am so excited. Next weekend I have a meeting to check out an event space. Can't wait :)

Alright so let's get down to March's list of goals and things I have planned:

+ Paint more. Yes, this needs to get done. Painting is one of my favorite things to do so I'm not sure why I've taken such a long break from it.

+ Finish reading a book. I've started reading at least 3 different books over the last 2 months and I need to finish one. Seriously.

+ Get my new lettered prints and mugs up on the shop. I have quite a few new ones!

+ Get my wisdom teeth removed. Ouch!

+ Start my new job. Next Monday is my first day as the new shop assistant for Kristin Schmucker! I am beyond excited :) It came at such a great time in life and is such a blessing. God is good!

+ Get ready for spring. Lots of flowers, cleaning the apartment, getting rid of junk.

What about you? I would love to read your goals and plans for the upcoming month! How are you prepping for Spring?


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