February Snaps.

February 2016... 29 days that have never been lived, experienced, or seen. 29 lovely, wintry days that were blank pages ready to be filled with love, experience, and adventure! There are 5 days left in the month and I'm sure that we'll live them all very differently, we'll experience different things, and go to different places but there's just something so fun about it being a Leap Year that I wanted to share some photos from February that were extra special to me.

I've been cooking a lot more than I used to and let me tell you, all the meals I've ventured out to try and make turned out great. I wish I could make them for everyone! Seriously, I'm in love with cooking.

Mark and I dog-sat for Mark's boss and his dog, Tasha, was the cutest little bean. She's a shih-tzu and she had such a little personality! I loved cuddling with her and let's just say that hanging with her made me want a puppy even more! We'll see what Mark says...

I got my first outfit from LuLaRoe a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT. It is so comfy and I can wear it to multiple places without feeling like I'm over/underdressed. I'm definitely a stripes girl so it's a no brainer that I picked this one and it came with THE SOFTEST leggings I've ever worn in my life! Let me know if you want to grab some for yourself and I can add you to the Facebook shopping page.

Mark and I spent our first married Valentine's Day together. We had brunch at the cutest little cafe and then we went for a walk around Harrisburg (it was so stinking' cold) and then we hung out until our dinner reservation at Home 231. I got the most delicious crab cakes and Mark got this pancetta and spinach alfredo and then we both got our own desserts. I know, I know, big spenders. (Actually we aren't eating out for a little while because we treated ourselves so well on Valentine's Day :)

Mark's 23rd birthday. We went to his family's house and had a seafood feast. It was so yummy, and then I made a little birthday sign and hung up photos for Mark's birthday :) His office had an ice cream cake and it was such a sweet day. I love my man!

I finally got to see some friends! I haven't hung out with all of my girls in months. Getting married and moving is a great big adventure, but sometimes you really miss your friends. So a little girl time with sparking blood orange soda and donuts was perfect.

And finally, I released my first digital book on social media tips and strategy! It's 34 pages of wonderful advice and tips to keep your online presence authentic, clear, creative, and growing. It was a lot of fun to do research and write this thing and I can't wait for you to get your hands on it! There is a whole section full of resources, too. Trust me, its a good one. You can snag your copy right here.

So yes. February has been quite nice! There were a few annoying things and some times where I was down in the dumps quite frankly, but I decided to stay positive and focus on the good memories and the blessings of this month. Honestly, it makes the bad things not as painful when you're focusing on the good. 


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