Planning a Gallery Wall.

So, a few months ago Mark and I moved in to our first apartment. I have boards on Pinterest, photos on my phone, and different ideas floating around in my head of how I want my dream home to look and how I would decorate it. (Trust me, Target doesn't make it any easier either!) 

Our apartment is on the top floor with a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It's pretty small, yet we're constantly trying to get as many people as we can to come over for parties and dinner, etc. as well as decorate as if it were a big house! Silly us, but its leaving us with lots of fun memories :)

Today I want to share our gallery wall with you! I used Canva to plan it out and it was super easy. All I did was take a few photos and then design the layout on their site. Check it out!

Here is the wall before I hung things up. (Excuse the cluttered desktop)

Next, I sized up some shapes and matched them to the things I wanted to hang up.

I chose paintings, framed artwork, a monogram,
and a clipboard to switch out prints.

(Here's an example of the great use of a clipboard for hanging things!)


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