Today Is The Day I Quit.

I'm just going to take a minute to say that being a new wife, a homemaker, a student, a creative, and an employee all at once is very interesting. There are a lot of things that I've been learning, like how to budget money, how to keep things clean and tidy (otherwise you get overwhelmed and want to cry because there is crap everywhere), you learn how to cook beyond your college-level recipes, and you realize that you NEED sleep. You also realize that you can't do it all. I've been looking up all kinds of tutorials and tips and "secret methods" on blogs and pinterest on how to get it all together, make some extra money, + not lose your creative identity. Its gotten to be super overwhelming.

After some researching, some moments of doubting myself, and tears of frustration I've realized that I don't want to deal with it anymore. I have so many ideas and plans and its about time I quit caring what everyone else is doing, what is "popular" and what "works." I want to try something, so I will. I want to post about a certain experience or opinion, I'm going to. Lately I feel like I've only been posting what I think people want to read or what could potentially make me a few extra bucks. That my friends is the road to losing your creative identity. I understand that some bloggers make a lot of money off of reviews and product placement, and that is super! I honestly wish that it were that easy for everyone, but for me (and I'm sure a handful of other bloggers) it doesn't work quite as easily. I'm tired of trying to get "noticed" by those big bloggers and companies by changing my writing style, my likes and dislikes, and what I put time and energy into. It's time for change.

So, today is the day I quit.

I'm done trying to keep up with the trends, only to be left behind in my lack of knowledge. I'm done trying to make some extra money by giving a review for tampons or a random  tv show you can watch online. That's not who I am, not what I'm about. I started to lose the meaning of why I blog and what I want to accomplish with A Tiny Traveler. Making a little money or becoming a full time blogger would be great, however that isn't my main goal because when it becomes my focus, I lose sight of what I want to achieve. And that is this: to encourage others, bring inspiration to the world of creatives, try new things, practice my photography and writing, and make new friends. All these things mean so much more to me than making $25 off a post about the next best toilet paper or tupperware.

What this means for A Tiny Traveler:
+ I am not quitting my blog. I am merely refocusing, especially as the 2016 year approaches.

+ I want to make more friends in the blogging world as well as pay special attention to the blog communities I am a part of.

+ I want A Tiny Traveler's content to be genuine and represent what I believe, what I love, and what interests me. If I do any paid sponsorships or promote any products/shops it will be because I love what they stand for or what they offer. No more trying to make a quick buck.

+ I want to get creative and try new things, not worrying about what the trends are or when the best time to post is. Facts are facts: I'm usually busy and don't have time to post when "everyone is online." I don't really want to start spending money on a scheduling service, so the free trials and when I am able to blog will just have to do!

+ I want to grow with my blog. I want vulnerability. I want changes in my life and heart to be evident through blog posts and photos that I take.

+ I want to offer help and inspiration to those who read my blog in the areas I am skilled in. I think it's important that we all help one another out on this creative journey!

What you can expect to see: 
+ Fewer posts that promote a product that no one really cares about. More posts promoting products and shops that I love and want to share with you too!

+ Faster and more conversational responses in the comments section of each post. I love engaging with readers but sometimes I forget to check the comments and when I do I only have a few minutes to spare so I just thank you for reading and visiting A Tiny Traveler. No more! Let's get chatting!

+ More tutorials, recipes, and creative ideas. I love to make things and give gifts. I love to cook and bake. I'm going to start improving my "teaching" skills and share these favorite recipes and crafts with you!

+ Maybe another wedding post. I stopped posting about our wedding and things related to it because I didn't want to annoy anyone... but this is my blog and my little URL of the universe so why not? Just scroll on by if you don't want to see anymore photos of Mark tearing up or Jessica dancing her face off.

+ Better images. I need to start practicing my photography and stop throwing up any old picture that has to do with a post! I would rather wait one more day to share something than have grainy or sub-par images to illustrate what I have to say.

A Tiny Traveler's 2016 motto:

"Let all that I post be done in a genuine creativity. No more ulterior motives, overdone topics, or boring posts because I'm too afraid to try something new. Let this be a place of inspiration, memories, and community. Most importantly, A Tiny Traveler will be a blog that shares my journey in the most honest way, without concern for personal gain."


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